Cities of Austria: St. Fat-en der Gla

A few dozen kilometers of the north of Klagenfurt is the peaceful market town of St. Air An der Glan (Sankt Veit An Der Glan), which was the capital of Carinthia until 1518.

His compact historical center with numerous medieval buildings and fragments of the ancient urban walls is a good place for a brief stop on the way to Magdalensberg or Hochosterwitz (Hochosterwitz). Rectangular square Hauptplatz With church St. Fait (XVII-XVIII centuries.), network of shady streets around, City Museum and Palace Fukhs In the northern part of the city are its main attractions.

St. Fat-en der-glaz literally "explodes" On the last week of September, when the Medieval Fair of Vesselmak, collecting up to half a million guests, and in Trinity, when the traditional parade of Trabantten passes.

Cities of Austria St. Fierh-An der Gla

Around the city

10 km east of St. Fat-en der Glah Vershin Rock crowned one of the most beautiful castles in Europe – Khokhosterwit. This place was used as an impregnable fortress since the early Middle Ages, but the preserved castle was built by decree of the Governor of Carinthia George, which bought a plot in 1571 (his bust still decorates the sixth gates on the approach to the fortress). The castle towering over the valley 200 meters still belongs to the family of Kevtenhaullers living in the valley under the rock, and opens for visitors from April to October daily, with 9.00 to 17.45 (7 Euro). Its fourteen fortified gates and four rows of walls surround a sufficiently modest inner castle (now there is a small museum of weapons and armor), but it should be borne in mind that this construction was created in order to ensure reliable defense, and not decorating the landscape. You can get into the castle on the newly built elevator (3 euros, the cash desk is located below the first gate) or on the mountain serpentine.

Cities of Austria St. Fierh-An der Gla

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