Cities of Austria: Schwatz

Noisy commercial center Schwat (Schwaz, 20 km east of Halla) also has an impressive "pedigree".

Before the closing of the mines, approximately two hundred years ago, the city was the main producer of silver in the region – it is this wealth of many centuries provided the authority of the Habsburgs, and the city itself got a rich architectural inheritance. Ancient silver mines are now rebuilt into one of the most popular mountain museums of Austria, and the old city center is albeit more modest than in Innsbruck or Halle, however, it can still boast of the abundance of late-day attractions.


Several fragments of the medieval wall in the north and parish church (XV in.) celebrate the historical core of the city, in the east of which there is a medieval mansion Fuiggerhouse, and in the south – the modest church of Franciscricanekirkh and the monastery (XVI in.). A short rise from here will lead to a small castle of Burg-Freundsberg with a modest museum.

But in 15 minutes on foot to the northeast by HussLstrasse, there is a modern Museum House Ter Fylker, assembled by a local photojournalist Herro Hesti during his numerous trips in Africa and Southeast Asia. In addition to the usual items of folk crafts, there is an extensive meeting of Thai and Burmese wooden sculpture, the colorful masks of the nation of Yoruba from Africa and the figurines from that, as well as a fun collection of advertising boards of doctors from different countries and good ethnochea.

Cities of Austria Shvats

Another 10 minutes on foot further by HussLstrasse is the mountainous Museum Zilbergverk WWW.Silberbergwerk.AT, which, besides the usual collection, has old mining workings for which one and a half-hour excursion is held. Even further east, already outside the city feature, there is a picturesque gorge Wolfsklamm near the town Stanks (Stans) and Pleasant Museum of the Castle of Tracenburg WWW.Schloss-Tratzberg.AT.

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The purpose of our trip was the Tyrolyc town of Schwatz, or rather, its main historical landmark, one of the foundations of the medieval European economy – Silver Shash. Read more →

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