Cities of Austria: Phillah

12 km west of Klagenfurt, in the valley of the Drahn, lies Phillah (Villach), not considered the most attractive provincial city of Carinthia.

  • Church of the Blessed Virgin
  • View of Fillah from the Church of St. Jacob
  • Church of St. Nicholas in Phillah

Ski rest

Skiers come here to ride the slopes of the mountain DOPCH (2166 m), on which the Dobratsch resort is actively developing – VillaCher Alpe, which is 5 separate ski areas – Mount Devolution itself, as well as lying in a radius of 3-5 km from her Baumgartnerh zone&# 246; He, Verditz, Dreil&# 228; Ndereck and gerlitzen.

With a drop of heights from 850 to 1670 meters on the slopes of the prech, about 85 km of the tracks were laid (mainly "blue" and "Red") serviced 8 lifts with a total bandwidth of about 6,000 people per hour. The descents here are generally simple, and therefore are well suited for family holidays and start-up training. At the same time in such zones like Baumgartnerh&# 246; HE, the length of the slopes is only 1 km with a drop of 200 meters, but in Gerlitzen you can find 51 km of descents with a drop of 911 meters, and in Verditz and Dreil&# 228; Ndereck – 15 km with a drop of about 850 meters. True special zones for snowboarding here yet, there are some problems and snow, so all the tracks are equipped with snow guns.

Also laid about 100 km of flat skiing (including over rough terrain), several ski schools and kindergarten, tennis courts, a skating rink and a lit sledge trail are open, and more than 60 km hiking trail. Fillach can offer famous thermal centers with hot pools, about fifty restaurants and cafes, many colorful restaurants openly and on the slopes themselves.

  • Sprons in Phillah

Ski season lasts from the second decade of December to the end of March – the beginning of April.

One-day ski passage will cost 15 euros for adult in Baumgartnerh&# 246; He, 27-28 euros – in Verditz and Dreil&# 228; Ndereck, 34.5 euros – in Gerlitzen and Phillah, a children’s subscription for 30-50% cheaper in all zones.


Cities of Austria Phillah

The main attractions of the city are central square Hauptplatz With its series of old houses stained in pastel colors, Church of St. Jacob (XIV B.) with a pleasant old cemetery and bell tower, with which the whole city is visible, city ​​Museum On Widmanngasse, surrounded by villas of the XIX century Shillerpark With a miniature copy of all Carinthia (scale 1: 10,000), Landskron Castle (XVI B.) on the northern outskirts of the city and private Farthagmuzeum With a good meeting of old cars. And the nightlife of the city is considered to be more lively and diverse than even in Klagenfurt.

  • Hauptplatz in Phillah
  • Church of St. Ulrich
  • Lake Faoacker Zee
  • Protestant church in Phillah

Famous for beauty Botanical Garden Alpengarten, as well as a natural park Villaherher-Alpe.


The city is located in close proximity to the famous Carinthian lakes, water in which quickly warms up and pleasant to swim from June. So in summer you can combine a visit to the term with swimming in picturesque pure water bodies. Thermal sources are concentrated in the Warmbad Phillah.

  • Hot Source in Warmbad Phillah

Warmbad mineral water contains sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It stimulates blood circulation, metabolic processes and rehabilitation processes.

Specialization of the resort – rehabilitation, including sports. This should be sent if you are in a state of stress and chronic weakness, quickly tire and suffer from muscular atrophy after operations. Also treasured muscles and joints. In Warmbad, wonderful radiography, computer scanning and diagnostics of the heart. So in local pensions there are quite a few people with disabilities.

How to get

The nearest airport is Klagenfurt (35 km, about half an hour by car on the A2 highway). Also can be reached by train from any part of Europe – Phillah has its own railway station.

Around the city

3 km south of the city center lies the first-class modern resort complex Varmbad Phillah (Warmbad Villach) using therapeutic properties of local weakness of thermal water. This is an important center of recreation and sports, in which the best parks, swimming pools and tennis courts of the city are focused. You can get here on buses of the route number 1 or local trains walking several times per hour.

  • View of the fillach and Gerlitzen zone
  • Mount Trech
  • Church on Mount Dordly

From the southwestern suburbs Myultshakh (Moltschach) can be climbed by a paid road (cyclists of the entrance free) VillaCher Alpenstrasse almost until the middle of the slope of Mountains Dovilcha (2166 m), Botanical Garden Alpengarten (Entrance 2 Euro) and Natural Park Villaherher-Alpe (area of ​​more than 20 hectares), on green slopes Which is laid a whole network of beautiful pedestrian routes.

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