Cities of Austria: Murau

Of all the provincial cities of Styria, the Old Minor Center Murau (Murau) is probably the most attractive.


Despite some isolation of the city from the main tourist routes, its historical churches, medieval neighborhoods and the picturesque Alpine landscapes attract here thousands of guests. The foundation of the city is associated with the name of the poet and the magnate Ulrich von Liechtenstein, who built a castle in 1250, at the foot of which the market quickly. The comfortable position of the city in the transalpian routes between Italy and Germany contributed to his rapid growth, and although now he lost his fame of the main shopping center of Styria, his master-brewers and wood cutters are famous for the whole country.

Compact urban center is grouped around the Schillerplatz triangular square, surrounded by elegant buildings of medieval shopping guild. In the western end of the square, the indoor passage leads to the parish Church of St. Matthaus (Pfarrkirche St. Matthaus, XIII in.) With the necropolis of the rich burghers of the XVI century and beautiful old frescoes (the oldest are dating 1370).

From her, the same closed wooden staircase leads to the castle of Obermurau, hazardous on the hill above. He still belongs to the Schwarzenberg dynasty (Christophon von Liechtenstein died childless in 1580, but the subsequent marriage of his widow Anna Neuman, with Georg Zyur Schwarzenberg guaranteed prosperity and the city, and the castle), but it is possible to visit its most interesting places within an organized tour (from the middle June to mid-September is held on Wednesdays and Fridays at 15.00; 2.5 euro).

It is worth seeing the Gothic Chapel Annakirche (XV in.), Kapuchiinsherkhe with Mausoleum Schwarzenberg and Neuman, as well as an excellent local history museum.

Cities of Austria Murau

Around the city

15 km south-east of the city, among the green slopes of the Mountains Mosalmcogel, kitchers and Raitercochl, located town St. Lambrecht with the Benedictine abbey of the same name, from the XI century known not only by its churches, but also wines.

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Cities of Austria Murau

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