Cities of Austria: Mondze

On the northwest shore of the lake Mondze Lies the city of Mondze (Mondsee).


Growing around the Benedictine Monastery, founded by Bavarians in the VIII century, he was a major religious center for many years (it was here Saint Wolfgang, Bishop Regensburg, began to carry out monastic reforms), and now known as the capital of sailing countries. Calm warm water of the lakes make it an ideal place to relax with children, and many historic buildings allow you to better learn the culture of these places. Not far from the beautiful Monastic complex, In the design of which the famous Swiss sculptor Mainerad Guggensky took direct participation (1649-1723.), spread a large military memorial, on which, in a number of others, you can see the monument to 43 natives of Mondze, who died near Stalingrad.

  • Mondze – Country of Sailing Country
  • Panorama of the city of Mondze
  • Cities of Austria Mondze
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Also next to the church, in one of the buildings of the monastery complex, is located interesting Local Lore Museum (Heimatmuseum), in which, along with ordinary for the institutions of this kind of exhibits, you can see the items of the famous pile Mondsey culture dated 3500-2500. to N. NS. And literally 10 minutes walk from the church by Kirchengasse, on a grassy slope straight over the city center, is small ethnographical museum Open-air, on the territory of which the surviving buildings and several traditional rural houses of this region are collected.

  • Port on Lake Mondze
  • Hauptplatz
  • Church of St. Mikhaila

The town is located and the most famous School of Sailing in the area – Segelschule Mondsee (www.Segelschule-Mondsee.AT, a five-day course from May to September will cost approximately 200 euros), and in St. Lorentz there is a good dive club.

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Cities of Austria Mondze

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