Cities of Austria: Minle

Near Western entrance to Vahau valleys lies the city Melk (Melk), famous for his monastery, considered the most exciting sample of Baroque style in Austria.


Based as a Roman border post, later turned to Babenberg into the fortress (x in.), in 1089, the town along with a small abbey (976 g.) was transferred to the Benedictine Order. The monastery built on a high rock imagined many elements of the designs of earlier buildings, but was destroyed by fire during the Turkish invasion of 1683, and the modern complex of the monastery was most erected in the first half of the XVIII century.

  • Abbey in melk
  • Library in the monastery
  • Painting the ceiling in the marble hall
Cities of Austria Melk

It is this monastery that the events of the famous novel Umberto Eco unfolded "Rose name". And it was he who almost became the very place in the history of the rebellion church – an ambitious Abbot of Minza Bertold Ditmayer collided with the confrontation of his own monks, alarmed by the insult of their asceticism with a beautiful and friction project of a new complex.

Abbey continues to function today, and its school in which approximately 700 children learn is one of the most prestigious academic institutions of Austria. At the same time, the monastery itself, considered to be a masterpiece of the Austrian Baroque, and its museum attend to one and a half million tourists annually.

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Cities of Austria Melk

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