Cities of Austria: Marianell

Visitious Card Region Northern Styria – Cute Pilgrimage Center Mariacel (Mariazell) lying on the very border with Lower Austria. Located on the slope of the low mountain and surrounded by pine forests, this picturesque town deserves visits even without taking into account his religious importance for any Austrian.


Mariacel became a major religious center in 1157, when the Benedictine monks from St. Lambrecht built a monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In 1377, the King of Hungary and Bohemia Lyosh attributed his victory over the Turks to the intercession of the Virgin, and from that moment on, the monastery acquires the most important religious importance. Habsburgs elected Mariacel with a symbol of the supranational Catholic unity of the Empire, and, even despite its fall, the crowds of pilgrims so far throughout the summer (on Saturdays and Sundays) overwhelm the city center. The local population (only 2000 inhabitants) increases more than a hundred times, and an amazing statue of Madonna with a baby in a basilica, which dominates the city, has long become almost a national symbol of Austria.

A lot of attractiveness is added by the city’s home shopping street Wienerstrasse, leading to the north of Hauptplatz to the cable car station to Burgerall, as well as an old "Lokomotiv Museum" www.Museumstramway.AT, spending the summer of tourists from the station in St. Sebastian to Lake Erlaufse.

Cities of Austria Mariacelle


Despite the fact that the appearance of Mariacella is completely incomprehensible with a sweeping and fun of the large resorts of Tyrol, the presence of Mountain Massives by Burgerallpe (1266 m) in the East and Hemeyandalip (1626 m) in the North-West, as well as the beautiful Lake Erlaufse guarantees good conditions for various sports. Round year.

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