Cities of Austria: Maria Zal

In the VIII century, our era, when pagan carinthia began to be mastered by Christian missionaries, Bishop Salzburg sent a monk of Modestus to work among local Slavic tribes. Modestus founded the church on a small hill around which one of the most colorful towns of Carinthia – Maria Zal Maria Saal).


Now the main decoration of the settlement is Wallfartskishrheus, Built in the XV century on the site of the very first church of the district. In addition to its architectural beauty and beautiful interiors, the church is known to Roman grave bas-reliefs with the ruins of the nearby Roman settlement Virunum, embedded in its external walls.

  • Town Maria Zal
  • Cities of Austria Maria Zal
  • Wallfartskishrheus
  • Roman grave bas-reliefs
  • Church of St. Primus and Felitsian

Also here you can see a roadside cross Pestcreece (XVI B.) and a good open-air museum Freilicht, On the territory of which more than thirty farms and other traditional buildings from all over Carinthia.

Just 1.5 km north of the outskirts of the village rises a two-meter granite throne collected from the debris of buildings of the Roman era (all the same looted virunum). Dated IX Century, he was used for almost five centuries in the ceremonies of the coronation of the dukes of Carinthia.

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Cities of Austria Maria Zal

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