Cities of Austria: Hopfgarten

Hohe Salve Mountain Array (Hohe Salve, 1827 m) with its very diverse relief provides excellent conditions, besides, it is possible to ride from ITERE on the slopes of the Baysel Berg mountain (1181 m). South-Western exposure of the slopes gives a sustainable snow cover enough for such heights. And the proximity to the village (10 km north-west) and excellent auto and railway highways passing through the village provide excellent transport links to both the majority of international airports and numerous small ski centers in the region.

In total, there are about 43 tracks with a total length of about 65 km and with altitudes from 600 to 1827 meters. And due to the peculiarities of the local relief, it is possible to choose the route of the northern slopes overlooking the Deng-Bach valley, very interesting "Boca" Intergurnacent Basin Niding between the peaks of Zaogel (1335 m) and Hoe-Zalf (1827 m), longer and gentle descents of the Western slopes, ending in Hopfgarten, or many southern trails coming out by several traverses to the village of Hof in the Valley of Brixentaler-Ahe.

Most of the slopes here are simple – more than 60% belong to the category "blue", But there are quite serious areas with a drop of heights of about 1,200 meters, and the longest track reaches as much as 8 km! And here "Green" Practically absent. But "Around Move" Salve Circuits, laid almost all over the perimeter of the slopes of the Hoe-Zalfe massif, allows rolling on all the tracks of the region, while capturing the slopes of Brixental, Zell, Elmaau and Sheffau.

Slopes are serviced by 20 lifts. About 60 km of flat skis, including 25 km – for cross country. And in the summer, on the basis of local sports facilities, the themed mountain park opens (in total in region 6) with a huge number of pedestrian and horse trails, areas for alloy on rivers and other attributes of active recreation.

Cities of Austria Hopfgarten

Hopfartarten himself is very picturesque and has the entire modern rest infrastructure, besides, the proximity of other large mountain centers provides the widest choice of opportunities. At the same time, prices are somewhat lower here than in large resort areas, and literally on everything, ranging from equipment rental and ending with rates in cafes and restaurants.

Skating season lasts from early December to early April.

The nearest airports are Innsbruck (80 km, about 1 hour and 45 minutes by car), Salzburg (70 km, and a half hours) and Munich (88 km, just under 2 hours). You can also drive by train through Munich and Verge or Saint Johann-In-Tirol – Hopfgarten has its own railway station.

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