Cities of Austria: Hermagor

Small town Hermagore (Hermagor, Hermagor-Pressegger See) lies in the south of Carinthia, in the Gail River Valley (Gail). Despite its plain position, it is the center of the young ski area Naturarena Karnten (Carinthian Skiing and Natural Arena) www.Naturarena.COM / Unifying Nassfeld Slops (Nassfeld), Gailtal Valleal (Gitschtal) and Lezakhtal (Lesachtal), as well as the slopes around Lake Weissen-Ze (Weissensee).

Ski region of Nassfeld – Hermagor (Sonnalpe-Nassfeld, Nassfeld-Hermagor) is located near the Passfeld Pass and is considered one of the largest ski regions of Carinthia. In total, more than 110 km of ski slopes are laid here (28% "blue" and "Green", 62% "Red" and 10% "Black") serviced by 30 modern lifts with a total bandwidth up to 39,000 people per hour. The resort complex itself lies at an altitude of about 1,300 meters above sea level, and skating is conducted from heights about 2050 meters, while the longest "bunch" Trails comes up to 8 km. Most descents are equipped with snow guns, because with natural "White Pokrov" There are certain problems here.

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  • Cities of Austria Hermagor
  • Golf in Nassfelde

A snowboard park and a freeryad zone, 80 km of skiing for cross country and almost 300 km (!!) plain tracks, 55 km pedestrian trail (in summer – 1000 km!), 3 tracks for Toboggan, huge (55 hectares!) Natural rink and water sports club on Lake Press German (Pressger See), several ski schools, outdoor tennis courts and swimming pools, fitness club, and about 50 kilometers of mountain bike trails.

Ski season lasts from mid-December to the end of March.

Tourist subscriptions

One-day ski pass depending on the season will cost 15-40 euros for an adult and 8-20 euros for a child, for 6 days – 80 and 40 euros, respectively. Children enrolled in ski schools receive a subscription to the entire course of training for free.

  • Freeride in Nassfelde
  • Ski slopes of Nassfeld
  • Lake Press German

How to get

The nearest airports are located in Klagenfurt (about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car), Ljubljana (1.5 hours) and Trieste (1 hour 45 minutes). You can also get by train from anywhere in Europe – Hermagor has its own railway station, where train from Liena and Klagenfurt train. However, in parallel with the railway branch, modern highways A10 TauernautoBahn and A2 S&# 252; DautoBahn, for which you can easily drive both to Hermagora, and right to the slopes of the Nassefeld.

Cities of Austria Hermagor

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