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10 km east of Innsbruck lies town Hall (Hall), in the XV century the third largest city in the country, rich in the trade of salt produced in the mountains in the north.

In Sigismund, he became rich in the main financial center of Tyrol, who had the right to minimize his own silver coin – a taler, for a couple of centuries that became a standard currency unit in Central Europe (it is interesting that from the name "thaler" What happened and words "dollar").

  • Panorama Halla
  • Fortress Burg Hasegg
  • Town Hall on Oberer Stadtplatz
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Modern Hull retains one of the best ensembles of medieval buildings in Austria and a compact medieval historical center around the central square Oberer Stadtplatz. A little west of a short staircase rises to parish Church of St. Nicholas XIII century, the interior of which keeps some asymmetry – the result of the unfinished restructuring of the XV century. Behind the church and are somewhat east, an externally inexpressive gray building is located Capella Saint Magdalen, In which now contains an excellent collection of latemical paintings and the altar of 1490.

  • Church in Windgg Tulfes
  • Winter landscape Halla
  • Stretch in the old town
  • Basilica Wallfahrts

North rises the city complex Town Hall (XIV B.) which Maximilian I used as a hunting house. His central ceremonial hall Rathausstube with a unique carved wooden ceiling of the XVI century is sometimes difficult to access, because it is the most popular wedding ceremony venue.

  • Medieval houses in Halle
  • Church of Karlskirche in Volders
  • Chapel josefskapelle

South Oberer Stadtplatz Museum Bergbaum occupies the old Ducal Palace and is dedicated to the history of the mining industry. Square is somewhat east of Stiftsplatz with a beautiful baroque facade of the former Carmelite female Monastery Damenentshtift, Founded in 1567 by the ERCGerzogin Magdalena, the sister of Ferdinand II Tyrolean. Diagonally rises beautiful Church of Yeditenkirhe, Also founded by ERCGertzogin Magdalena, – its elegant white-gold interior is considered the earliest example of a baroque style on the territory of Tyrol. Nearby is I "Financial heart" Ancient Tyrol – Mint within the limits of strong walls Fortress Burg Hasegg (XVI B.), dominating the striking quarters to the south of the center – now there are collected meetings of the city museum and the new Museum Muncher-Hull.

Cities of Austria Hall

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