Cities of Austria: Gussing

At the very south of Burgenland, more than 50 km south of Bad Tatsmannsdorf, lies a small town Gussing (Gussing, Nemetujvar), spread around picturesque Medieval castle.


Constructed from the XV century of the XVII century, inside the castle is somewhat chaotic, but it contains a good collection of works of art, Turkish and Hungarian weapons, and regularly takes numerous exhibitions. And his rather inexpensive BurgTaverne Known good cuisine and picturesque views of the surrounding area (in summer you can climb the castle on a modern funicular for 2 euros).

    Cities of Austria Gussing
  • Medieval castle in Gussing
  • Castle Gussing View
  • Main Tower Castle

On the central square Hauptplatz Below the castle rises a baroque church Franciscricaerkirche with excellent prescript images and Mausoleum of the Battyani family (Batthyanysche Gruft, XVIII in.) works of the famous sculptor Baltazar Mol. This old Hungarian dynasty rules Gussing and the Sabadbattian surrounded by him from 1522 and made a lot for his development, and the Franciscan monastery itself, in which the church is located, was also founded by one of the members of the dynasty in 1648. Sarcopagu with pastor permission can be passed through a separate entrance in the southern wall.

On weekends nearby (StremTalstrasse 2) opens Museum Ausvander, telling about thousands of local residents emigrated to North America (for example, the father of the American actor Frederick Austerlitz, more famous as Fred Aster, was also a ghissing native).

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