Cities of Austria: Gmunden

In the north end of Lake Traunza lies Gmunden (Gmunden) – the largest resort of the region and pretty cute, although the city is eternally crowded with tourists. From here the most convenient to get to the villages of the Eastern coast, so there are so many guests.


The most attractive part is a tiny medieval core of the city with steep and narrow cobbled streets, small squares and domes City Church (XVI-XVIII centuries.). And the most unusual gmunden museum is Klo & SO, or Sanitarmusum, dedicated to everything related to toilets and hygiene.

  • Panorama of the city
Cities of Austria Gmunden

Praised museum Kammerhof, located in the old stenal warehouse in the quarter east Town Hall, Dedicated to the history of the district and trade of salt, which brought him considerable benefits (there is a large collection of turquoise local ceramics, which is still famous for the city).

  • Landshlos-Ort Fortress
  • Ship on Lake Traunze
  • Town Hall
  • Beach on Lake Traunze

A little west of long coastal esplanade rises quadrangular Landshlos-Ort Fortress, Built by the legendary kunt Herbershtorf in the XVII century (now there is a forestry training center here), opposite which directly from the water of the lake "grows" picturesque Zeshlof Ort Castle (XV B.). And in the eastern part of the gmunden, the Grunbergseilbahn funicular begins, leading to the top of the Grunberg Mountain (1004 m), from where the beautiful panorama of the city and lakes opens.

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Cities of Austria Gmunden

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