Cities of Austria: Gmund

15 km north of Spittal lies the medieval town of Gmund (Gmund), one of the best starting points for visiting the Malault mountain valley on the eastern slope of Khokh Tauerna.

  • Mangfall Bridge
  • Town Hall
  • Church of Maria-Khimmelfart
Cities of Austria Gmünd

Founded by the Archbishops of Salzburg in the XI century to protect trade routes, Gmind retained most of its medieval charm. Compact and crosswise crossed by old cobbled tracks passing under small arches, it is replete with small galleries, shops and museums.


Cute Home Square Hauptplatz Until now, he has kept old planning with a strengthened gate at every end. Just west is the former Prison Im-Loch, in which now is the peculiar Criminal Museum, Named in honor of Eva F. Fasunener, executed here in November 1773. South rises Church of Maria-Khimmelfart (XI B.) with a collection of gold-plated baroque pressed images and Clept Carner with frescoes of the XIV century.

Just a few steps to the west of the church there is a car Museum Porsche, The exposition of which is collected by the local collector Helmut Pfaifer. In 1944-1950. The famous designer worked in the village of Kartner, which is 2 km north of the hmünd (with the exception of two years spent in a French prison for cooperation with the Nazis), and it was here that was designed and built later by the classic Porsche 356 (several rare Porsche random copies along with Almost hundreds of other cars are demonstrated in the museum).

  • Church of St. Agidius
  • Chapel St. Quirin
  • Museum Porsche
  • Divided Church Geutail-Cirche-am-Kreuzbikhl

In the northern part of the city on a small hill lie residues Alte-Burga (historical core of the city of the XIII century), all the surviving houses of which are busy with a restaurant and cafe, and in the courtyard of the castle in the summer weekend, jazz concerts are held. And just 1 km north is small, but very famous "divided church" Gutail-Cirche-am-Kreuzbikhl – Two buildings separated by expensive. Built as an ordinary roadside chapel in the XVI century, by the XVIII century, it became a popular pilgrimage shrine, but there was no place for expansion, so the additional building was built on the opposite side of the road so that the priest led the service in the same room, and the fury was sitting in another.

Around the city

North-west Gmund Beautiful mountain road rises along the Malta River Valley by KoolnbreinsPerre to the desert Alpine Highlands, stretching in the shadow of a 3246-meter peak of the scrapllow. Over the dam (one of the largest in Europe, by the way) the barrel-shaped Panoramic Tower, which also accommodated cafes, restaurant, hotel and small crystal exhibition TowernShazkamemer (Free admission). To the west around the reservoir runs a wide trail, providing good panoramas of the surrounding mountains, as well as access to the most pretty places of the county, like shelters Osnabrukker-Hytte (2 hours on foot one way) or Katovitzer Hytte (3.5 hours one way).

Cities of Austria Gmünd

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