Cities of Austria: Fumen

Skiers attract two riding zones here – Spieyokh (Spieljoch) and Oncellyokh (Onkeljoch) with a height difference of about 1750 meters (high-point trails – 2410 m). However, the descents stretch throughout almost 7 km of the valley, so small local areas are noticeably more – for example, the Khokhfugen, known for its excellent training highway, has a common area with oncellyoch.

There are only about 39 rather wide and secure tracks here (54% – "blue" and "Green", 35% – "Red" and 11% – "Black") with a total length of 54 km. However, taking into account the regions of Schwartz (Schwaz) and Hochfuegen (Hochfuegen) The length of the slopes reaches 155 km. At the same time, local high-quality tracks are considered one of the best in the region, but some of the complex areas are a bit (most – in the region of Schiliok). The slopes are serviced by 19 lifts with a total bandwidth of about 10 thousand people per hour (26 thousand – taking into account adjacent regions), so there are practically no queues and sweat. The resort itself positions itself as one of the best places in the country for mid-level skiers and snowboards.

35 km of flat skiing (including 9 km high), Snowboard Park is operating, paragliding school, mountaineering club, 4 disco-bar, 3 discos, roller with cerling platform, open tennis courts, swimming pools (one open and two closed), numerous cafes, pizzerias and restaurants.

Skating season – from December to May.

Tourist subscriptions

Cities of Austria Fugen

Ski-Pass area Fumen – Spieliok at the height of the season will cost 40.5 euros for an adult and 18 euros – for children, for 5 days – 171 and 77 euros, respectively. For riding in Hochfugen, the Zillertal Super Ski-Pass (Zillertaler SuperSkipass) will be required, which is 6 days from 83 to 170 euros, depending on the season and age.

How to get

Nearest Major Airports to Innsbruck (40 km) and Munich (130 km). Further on the InntalatObahn route (Inn Valley Motorway, A12) and the federal autobahn B169 can be reached by Figure by bus or taxi. You can also drive by train through Enbakh (13 km along the modern highway A12).

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