Cities of Austria: friezes

10 km north-east of Strasburgh lies an impressive ensemble ruins of urban walls town Friezakh (FRIESACH), followed by spindle-shaped towers and spiers of later churches.

Like most settlements in this part of Austria, the town was founded by Slavs in the 6th century, and in the 9th century, the Roman emperor Louis (Ludwig) handed over him to hold the Archbishops of Salzburg, who arranged here a thriving market, by the XIII century, which turned into the most important shopping center of Carinthia. Richard The Lion’s Heart passed through the friezes on the way of his crusade in 1192, although it is much more known as the venue of the famous tournament of 1224, described in the Knight’s poems and Malestrel Ulrich von Liechtenstein (owned, by the way, nearby the Schinsky town of Murau). This event is celebrated on the annual medieval spectaculum games passing in the last Saturday of August.

    Cities of Austria Frezakh
  • Medieval center of Friezakh
  • Fountain Stadtbrunnen on Hauptplatz
  • Dominican monastery
  • Parish Church in the city of Friezakh


In the town itself it is worth viewing the sleepy central square Hauptplatz with fountain Stadtbrunen (XVI B.), Gothic City Church (XIX B.) and more colorful DominiciRech (XIV-XVI centuries.), Fortress Petersberg (XIII-XV centuries., Now there is a city museum here) and the former Abbey F├╝rstenhof, in which is one of the most unusual museums area – Die Spur des einhorns ("Rog United Nations"; 5.5 euros), using multimedia means telling about the medieval life of the city.

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