Cities of Austria: Flachau

The ski zone lies mainly in the western part of the valley, on the slopes of the mountains Zaurkopf (2014 m) and Grisenkarekk (1991 m), and has a height difference from 827 to 2000 meters. With the total length of the tracks, about 111 km a quarter occupy descents for beginners, about 65% – "Red" 10 more – "Black". At the same time, together with the neighboring valleys of the SKI Amade region, the total length of the slopes comes to 860 km! The longest route – GRIESSENKAR-ABFAHRT (6 km, height difference – 1000 m), but the most famous is a three-kilometer Cup slope Weltcup-Strecke with a drop of 700 meters, certified FIS. There are illuminated slopes for night skiing, a special track for carving from the eastern slope of Zaubarkopfa (the lift from the village of Flahawintel 1 km above the Valley of the Ense) and the Fan Park with Half Pipe. In this case, all the slopes are quite wide (even "Red") and carefully well-groomed, pass on picturesque places and in the season almost do not have a lack of snow (help more than hundreds of snow guns, overlapping about 70% of the slopes). In the lower part of the eastern slope, a large territory for training riding, leaving Tindl, Flahawinkel and Valhau.

There are 41 lifts throughput by almost 27 thousand people per hour, which, together with neighboring resorts, gives an extensive zone of riding with very diverse conditions. However, not all the tracks and lifts are equally clearly posted that, with the abundance of short traverses and the tracks of the Western slopes and regions, Troynes sometimes creates a certain confusion.

34 km of running skiing are laid, and two thirds have a rather complicated relief and are well suited for cross country. There are six ski schools, including the famous School Hermann Mayer (Champion Nagano is a native of these places), as well as several specialized kindergartens and schools, there is a skating rink, carling and sports center, several equipment rental points, Toboggana route (4 km), swimming pool and tennis courts.

Numerous restaurants, bars, clubs and discos. You can also visit the parish Church Flachau (XVIII in.), Hohenverfen fortress (XI-XVI centuries.) with Museum of animal birds, Famous Ice Caves Icerisenvelt (also near the vefern, Celtic Museum and Salt shafts In the town Hallaine (Hallein), south of Salzburg.

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Tourist subscriptions

The single subscription operates in all resorts of the Flachau region, Salzburg Sportwelt and Ski Amad&# 233;. Ski-Pass on 1 day for adults will cost 25 to 41 euros depending on the season, six-day – from 160 to 203 euros. For children and adolescents there are discounts from 25% to 50%.

Skating season lasts from December to mid-March – early April.

How to get

Salzburg Airport is about 70 km on the road (about 1 hour by car – the high-speed route for Klagenfurt passes very close to the resort). You can also get by train through Radstadt (10 km northeastern Flachau), from the railway station of which regular buses.

Cities of Austria Flachau

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