Cities of Austria: Feldkirch

Feldkirch (Feldkirch) with his well-preserved medieval center is the most interesting of the Austrian cities of the Rhine Valley.


The abundance of the picturesque lateral buildings and quiet streets around the old squares of Neustadt and Marktgasse give him a good recognizable view. From the south and west, this area is limited to a whole variece of medieval towers and a gate that remained from old urban fortifications, which were erected from IX to the XVI century. The most impressively look the decorative gate of the Hurtore (XIV in.) in the southwest and elegant spine-like Katcenurm tower, or a cat tower (1507 g), who received his name in honor of the sculptural heads of Lviv, who once adorn guns placed here.

The main attraction of the historic core of the city is the Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas in the North-West. Rebuilt from Romance Basilica in 1478, he is famous for his Altar of St. Anne (1521., Now only part of it is located here, the second is placed in the exposition of the Land Museum in Brefez), the work of the Sculptor Wolf Huber, the native of these places, as well as stained glass windows made by the local artist Martin Hausle in 1962. Schlossgraben Street is east of the Church to the Light Towers of the Chartenburg County Castle (XII-XIV BB.) in which the local museum is now located.

Cities of Austria Feldkirm

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Cities of Austria Feldkirm

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