Cities of Austria: Felden

Envelope the most Western tip of Lake Water-Ze Noisy Felden (Velden am W&# 246; RTHERSEE) noticeably more crowded with tourists and. less attractive as a result. At the same time, it is one of the best lake resorts of the country with the most modern hotels, beach cafes, shops and excellent cuisine.


His main attraction point – Area Europaplatz Casino (1989.) whose spiral spire is visible almost from anywhere in the city. On the lead along the shore, Seecorso street rises a somewhat decorative Fortress Schloss-Wortherze, Built for local magnate Bartolomeus background Kevhenhuller in 1590, she suffered badly from fire in 1762 and restored in 1891. In the future, it was used as an exhibition center and a fashionable hotel, in 1990 it was bought by the German millionaire Günther Sakhsus (a former husband Bridget Bardo) and was restored to an even more luxurious style.

  • Decorative Fortress Schloss-Wortherze
  • Parish Church in Falden
  • GEMONAPLATZ Square in Földen
  • Picture-like casino spiers


Felden beaches are extending wide wooden platforms from the shore; There are even spacious two-storey dresses. Entrance to the sea is carried out on the stairs; bottom finely pebble and enough hollow. Wild sections of the coast in Felden is not, you can only swim on equipped beaches.

Most beaches owned by the hotel, the entrance to which is available exclusively to hotel guests. In July and August on the beaches at hotels quite crowded; Alternative – Paid Beach Musseumbad, The entrance to which is located opposite the casino.

On the coast, equipped platforms for volleyball and football, sandboxes and children’s towns, Fish Restaurants and Golf Courses. Sun beds and umbrellas are free. You can order drinks and food in beach bars; Waiters will bring an order to the place of rest.


Choosing a hotel in Felden, it is worth paying attention to the location of the hotel. Share near the casino is not worth it if you prefer a quiet, relaxing holiday and do not plan to perform nightly tags to local bars. The casino in the evenings plays an orchestra, and from clubs located nearby, music is heard sometimes all night.

Cities of Austria Felden

The cost of the hotel room in Felden depends on the proximity of the hotel to the verte zee, as well as from the view from the window. The picturesque panorama of the lake increases the cost of accommodation on average by a third.


Casino – the pride of Felden and a magnet for rich Austrians who love to spend on the resort weekend. The play area was first opened in Felden in 1950; Today, the resort casino is considered the most modern in Europe. In the summer months, laser shows, carnivals and concerts are held in Földen; The schedule of events must be specified in advance.


The abundance of water entertainment in Földen will allow guests to spend a vacation with benefit – and under the course of training sailing or windsurfing. Rent a yacht, a boat or a boat on the shore; The cost depends on the size of the vessel, the number of man and rental time. You can go fishing with an instructor that will help to understand fishing facilities and tell about the tactics of the search for a better place for fishing.

Around the city

4 km west of the city rises another fortress with a beautiful park – Rosegg. The castle was built by the Habsburg diplomat Orsini Rosenberg in 1770 and now belongs to the Liechtenstein family. A peculiar open-air zoo Wildpark Rosegg (6.5 euros, 10.8 euros – a single ticket with a lock and a labyrinth) lies a little south of the castle walls.

  • Church of St. Stephen in Latschach, suburb of Fulden
  • Beaches on Lake Vantsee
  • Fortress Rosegg

How to get

The closest airport closest to Felden is located in Klagenfurt. Charter flights connect Klagenfurt and Moscow in the summer months, from July to August. Getting to the Klagenfurt from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the no-season can with a change in Vienna. The airport is associated with the city of bus service; Flights are carried out every half hour from 06:00 to 23:00 from the main station and from Heiligengeistplatz Square.

Direct bus and railway communication connects Felden with Klagenfurt; Travel time on the train – about 20 minutes. You can also get to the coastal resorts of Lake Weter-See also on ferries running every hour; Time on the way from Welden to Klagenfurt – about one and a half hours. On weekends, the Felden-Klagenfurt ferry is served by a banquet hall, where the invited orchestra is played; Tickets for these flights are worth booking and buying in advance.

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Cities of Austria Felden

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