Cities of Austria: Döbrachi

Döbrachi (Dobrach) – a small resort village located in the eastern part of Lake Milshtetter-Ze. Döbrakov offers a calm and measured rest; Night clubs and round-the-clock bars in the resort.


Long gentle entrance to the lake is perfect for swimming even with young children. The most comfortable air and water temperatures are set closer towards the end of June and are saved until the end of the summer.


Cities of Austria Döbrachov

Small hotels and guesthouses with modern infrastructure are located in Döbračia. Most hotel rooms are designed for accommodation with children. Also rent apartments. Because there are not so many hotels in Döbrakia, book accommodation in the resort is in advance.

How to get

The nearest airport is located in Klagenfurt (87 km), travel time – about an hour. Airport receives flights from most European capitals. Charter flights connect Klagenfurt and Moscow in the summer months, from July to August. Getting to the Klagenfurt from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the no-season can with a change in Vienna. The airport is associated with the city of bus service; Flights are carried out every half hour from 06:00 to 23:00 from the main station and from Heiligengeistplatz Square.

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