Cities of Austria: Bludenz

Lying 20 km south-east of Feldkirch City of Bludenz (Bludenz) – the best starting point for dating southeast regions of Forarlberg.

This is one of the oldest cities in the region with a richest history, but also one of the most long-suffering – it was destroyed and rebuilt again he was more than a dozen times (only fires of the XV-XVII centuries destroyed it to the base 6 times!), and the terrifying epidemics of the plague in the Middle Ages repeatedly scattered almost all its population. Therefore, historical monuments here are frankly a bit, which is more compensated by picturesque panoramas and magnificent mountain areas.


The next attractions of the Bluden can be attributed to the Suchard chocolate factory, located literally across the road from the station, the parish Church of St. Lorentz (XVI in.) In the northern end of the city center and the old city gate Oberor Tor, in which the city museum is now located.

The gates stretch the ranks of the XVII century buildings with characteristic arcades and numerous shops, and a cable car rising to the peak of Muttersberg (Madayzakopf, 1384 m) begins in a kilometer. From here there are excellent views of the mountain chains Reticon and Silvrett.


Cities of Austria Bludenz

Well known to the Milka Chocolate Festival, held in the Bludder and its surroundings every year in the second week of July.

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