Cities of Austria: Bernstein

15 km west of Lokkenhaus lies the town of Bernstein (BERNSTEIN), who received his name from the ancient "Amber expensive", Binding the shore of the Baltic with Adriatic.

Amber, as well as since ancient times, the Serpentine and Products of Ozo, who mined here are the main exhibits of a good Felsenmuseum Museum (WWW.Felsenmuseum.AT, except for the mineralogical collection itself, here you can see the work of sculptor-kamnesis Otto in the same time).

Over the city quarters, the medieval castle of Burg-Bernstein is towering, still being privately owned.

Around the city

12 km south is surrounded by a wall of the city Staddleshlining (Stadtschlaining, Varosszalonak), in the old castle of which is the UNESCO-funded Austrian Center for the Learning World and Conflict Resolution (ASCPCR). Castle can be visited within the framework of an organized watch excursion, besides every year in mid-May, he adopts the International Chamber Music Festival (WWW.Klangfruehling.COM).

Cities of Austria Bernstein

A little north-west (10 km south of Bernstein) is a great resort town with a difficult-acting name Bad Tatsmannsdorf (Bad Tatzmannsdorf, TarcSafurdo), famous for its mineral waters, open swimsome on Josef-Holzel-Allee and Open-air Folklore Open-air Museum. Sudburgenlandisches Freilichtmuseum (daily from 9.00 to 17.00; 1.5 Euro).

Reviews and studies of trips

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Cities of Austria Bernstein

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