Cities of Austria: Baden

Main decoration of Vienna’s neighborhood – famous resort town Baden (Baden Bei Wien), which lies 25 km south of the capital.

This compact city, once the most fashionable resort of the Habsburg Empire, is literally saturated with attractive neoclassical buildings, mansions and villas, partly rebuilt underlasteen and hotels, partially still performing their direct functions. Local hot sulfuric sources were known in the days of ancient Rome – here in II in. N. NS. A camp was located and climbing the Roman cohorts, here he spent the last years of the life of Mark Azeri. In 1804-1834. The city was a summer imperial residence, here it went here to all know and figures of culture and art (by the way – Beethoven was here already 15 times and wrote Missa Solemnis and the ninth symphony). Baden’s healing water is used today for swimming, drinking and preventing rheumatic diseases, arthrosis, diseases of the spine and joints, as well as for general recovery and healthcare procedures. Interestingly, Baden was the headquarters of the Austro-Hungarian command during the First World War, and the Soviet headquarters were also located after the liberation of Vienna from the Nazis.

  • City Theater in Baden
  • Monument to Lanner and Strauss in the park
  • Central part of Baden
  • Collonna Holy Trinity in Baden


Be sure to visit Casal (now casino), summer theater Stadtish Arena, Pretty diverse Museum of Caiser Franza Joseph, Modest Gallery B House-Museum Beethoven, Cafe Central on Hauptplatz, Teresienbad ("Teresia baths") and Teresiengarten ("Garden Teresia", laid in 1792 g.) with a plurality of exotic plants, Villa Menotti, Exhibition Gallery Frauenbad On josefplatz I Gallery Junger, A spa park with floral clock and an attractive fountain Forthybrusnnene, followed by monuments Strauss, Lanner, Beethoven (Beethoven-Temple) and Mozart (all – hot fans of local waters).

Also deserve attention to the large pedestrian area around the central square of Hauptplatz, many quiet alleys with houses and villas in style "Bidermeier", Complex of the open swimming pool thermalshtransadbad on Helenenstrasse, English Doblchoff Park with a big rosary (it is here that the famous are held annually "Baden’s days roses"), ultra-modern Romerterm complex www.Roemertherme.AT on Brusattiplatz, Museum of dolls and games, Lovely racetrack as well Castle Schloss-Vaikersdorf (now a hotel) and Rollett Museum In the building of the Town Hall of the former suburbs of Baden – Vikersdorf.

  • Church of St. Stephen in Baden
  • Casino in Baden
  • Cities of Austria Baden
  • Rollett Museum in Vikersdorf


Baden offers vacationers amazingly soft, almost Mediterranean climate. "Opened" The healing properties of local water are still ancient Romans. With their light hand over the town fixed the name "Aquae". But the truly popular cultural center Baden became during the reign of Friedrich III, which in 1804-1834. prescribed the town of his summer residence. However, Friedrich III is not the only crowned person, evaluating the charms of the resort. Until now, holidaymakers have great success "Teresienbad" (Therapeutic bath of Empress Mary Teresia) and "Teresiengarten" – "Garden Teresia", Full of amazing exotic plants.

In the sports halls of the city you can enjoy oriental martial arts and fitness, on the green fields you are waiting for golf, squash, tennis, badminton, horse riding. Do not forget about bicycle walks and, of course, swimming.

Natural Source Sources Baden – True Panacea from A Many Diseases. They are located urban terms, which have turned out lately in a huge wellness complex. During the adoption of long-term baths, sulfur penetrates the body and provides therapeutic and wellness effect, improving metabolism. In principle, pleasant "Camping" in sulfur baths enough for treatment, but recently due to the general trend of the population to get rid of excess weight, it is starting to practice enjoyable compatibility. Now you can relax more actively – water aerobics, underwater massage and other moving procedures will help you feel in shape.

In Baden 14 sources whose water, in addition to sulfur, also contain magnesium, calcium, sodium, sulfate and chloride.

Specialization – rheumatic diseases, degenerative diseases of the spine and joints, arthrosis, rehabilitation treatment, general recovery, recreation workouts.

Around the city

Baden is also an excellent starting point for most walking destinations on the hills and mountains of South Wienerwald, to the Church of Klosternoyburg and the historical town Purkersdorf (Western suburb of veins), as well as to a huge number of luxury villas and parks, stretching along the whole southern outskirts of the Austrian capital. And just 3 km above the veins on the river lies the town Closternoyburg, Where local monks produce wine for almost a thousand years, so the local School of winemaking is considered one of the oldest in Europe.

  • Church of St. Jacob in Purkersdorf
  • Abbey in Klostechnoeburg

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Cities of Austria Baden

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