Cities of Austria: Bad Kleinkirheim

One of the largest ski and balneological regions of Carinthia, Bad Kleinkirkheim (WWW.Badkleinkirchheim.AT /) Lies approximately 23 km north of Phillah.

  • Bad Klinkirkheim
  • Church Saint Oswald
  • Parish Church Heiliger Ulrich

"Bad Kleinkirkheim" translated as "Little Church Resort". The name itself configures a cute and quiet environment. And reality will not deceive your expectations. This is a great place to stay together. Romantic landscapes, a relaxed atmosphere, the ability to adjust the schedule of therapeutic procedures under your own rhythm of life – all this is the source of attractiveness of this small resort. If you are still an fan of environmentally friendly food, then local restaurants are a standard in this field.

Mountain skiing in Bad Kleinkirkheim

Located in the solar valley near the border of Nokberg National Park, it combines three riding zones, somewhat distant from each other. Bad Kleinkirchheim (Bad Kleinkirchheim (Bad Kleinkirchheim is more correct – Bad Kleinkirkheim) lies almost at the route of Lake Milshtetter-Ze to Pategassen, and its tracks lead from the slopes of the mountains Kaiserburg (2055 m) and Viellan-Knokk (2145 m). Skating area St. Oswald (ST. Oswald) rises to the north along the valley of St. Oswald-Bach almost to the mountain Kloknock (2331 m), and zone Fakert (Falkert) takes a small mountain circus yet north, near the mountain of the same name (2308 m) and Lake Falkerty. Thanks to this abundance of local resorts, the whole region is often called a single term – SKI Resort Nockberge in Carinthia.

Thanks to the picturesque surroundings and thermal sources, the Bad Kleinkircheim region is a popular year-round resort. With a drop of heights from 1070 to 2270 meters, about 103 km of ski slopes of different levels of complexity were laid here (about 19% – "blue", 74% – "Red", 7% – black, among the latter the four-kilometer route named after the Franz Clame), serviced by 25 lifts (15 bugly). Falkete 9 lifts and 10 more kilometers of slopes. Here traditionally conduct the Stages of World Cup and other international mountain skiing competitions.

At the same time, the general organization of descents and lifts is quite thoughtful – despite the small total number of tracks, it is possible to start with the Kaiserburg slopes, finish the route in St. Oswald and go back, without shooting skis. True, the Falkert will have to get on the bus (about 6 km), but on the same road you can get to the field of the railway (12 km from Bad Kleinkirkheima), lying half on the territory of Styria – here are the slopes are sharp and complex. However, there is a clear lack of training trails, which are simply allocated to the lower sections "blue" Descents. Due to the small height of the slopes, they require regular artificial protection (in the whole region there are 880 snow guns!), but on the upper sections of the Bad Kleinkirkheima trails with the northern exposition, as well as in Fakehold problems with snow, it usually does not happen.

Also operate a snowpark with Half Pipe, Sannaya Route, Outdoor Roller, Indoor Tennis Courts, "Snow country" For children (Fakert), more than 50 km of running skiing are laid (Gurktalloipe and St.Oswald in Valley – 45 km, Alpine Nocklam skiing – 5 km, as well as 2 km on the ice of the lake) and 60 km of pedestrian trail, 3 ski schools work (open from 9.00 to 18.00) and kindergarten, 3 lands (15 km), 3 closed and 26 (!) open tennis courts, as well as several sports clubs. 22 ski huts scattered on the slopes with cafes and bars, and there are 23 bar and restaurant in the town itself, as well as disco.

Balneology in Bad Kleinkirheim

Cities of Austria Bad Kleinkirheim

Water in local sources is saturated with various mineral salts, and also contains a slight amount of radon. In combination with a healing mountain climate, it helps heal the diseases of the joints and connecting tissues. In addition, the resort specializes in improving immunity to infectious diseases and the prevention and treatment of circulatory disorders.

  • Thermal complex St. Kathrein&# 39; s
  • Valley St. Oswald
  • Church Evangelische

The main point of attraction of the region is the famous Terms of Bad Kleinkirkheim – St. Kathrein’s and R&# 246; Merbad Thermal Spa. Using therapeutic properties of local radon waters, they have a total of 3 open and 2 closed pools, several saunas, massage salons and special children’s zones, so every year they attract thousands of guests from all over the world. In the presence of "Expanded" Ski-Passing to visit the thermal complexes – free.

Also at your service traditional mud, acupuncture, grass treatment, light therapy and much more. In open mineral pools, you can even swim in winter.

Interestingly, unlike many other resorts of Austria, in Bad Kleinkirkheim, the All Inclusive program is arranged several times a year for its guests, within which all tourists stopping in local hotels are provided with the right to use thermal pools, lifts, tennis and squash. -Corts, as well as other sports facilities (hotel places for this period you need to book in advance because the service is very popular).

Tourist subscriptions

Ski-pass two types (ordinary and visiting the thermal pools) cover the entire SKI Resort Nockberge zone. Their cost is highly dependent on the season.

For summer recreation, the Carinthia Card (Karnten Card) acting in the period from the last decade of April to the first decade of October (usually from April 18 to October 10). The subscription provides access to more than 100 different interesting places of the region, all sorts of discounts when using lifts (part free), ferries, railways and buses (50% discount), museums and resorts. The cost of the adult card is from 34 euros (1 week) to 53 euros (5 weeks), for children aged 6 to 15 years – from 14 euros (1 week) to 26 euros (5 weeks). Children under 6 years old are usually eligible to enter all the venues provided for by the CARINTHIA Card program, but the third card is available for youth. You can buy a map in the travel agency Bad Kleinkirkheima and in hotels (some it is issued for free as part of the service package).

Skating season in Bad Kleinkirkheim and St. Oswalde lasts usually from December to March. In Fakefe – from the middle-end of November to mid-April, although in recent years and here it has noticeably reduced.

How to get

The nearest airport is Alpe Adria, 44 km straight). Despite the short distance, moving by car or bus to the resort area will take at least one and a half hours. Also available by train from Vienna (change in Fillah) and Salzburg via Spittal (Spittal-Millstattersee station), from where Bad Kleinkirheima walks regular buses (30 km).

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