Cities of Austria: Bad Ishl

Historical Center Salzkammerguta – Resort City Bad Ishl (Bad Ischl).

Founded in the days of the Celts, he received particularly fame thanks to the Emperor French Joseph, held here every summer and actually turning the city in the summer capital of the Empire. It’s somewhat strange, especially if you consider that it lies at some distance from the famous Lakes Salzkammergut, and in itself, especially at first glance, not especially beautiful. However, the emperor was a man of simple tastes and the main reason for his love for Bad Ishly was probably therapeutic properties of local saline waters and a special silence of this place. Now nobody can call the city – it is crowded with tourists even more than some of the beautiful villages on the lakes, and around his aristocratic mansions of the XIX century constantly noisy excursions.

  • Marble castle
  • Museum of the city of Bad Ishl


The most interesting places include the central Karpark With mandatory Kurhaus (Now the summer concerts of operetta are organized here), Kaerpark north of the Ishl River, old "Petry Hall" Trunkhalla, stretching along the shore of the tranne esplanade (perhaps – the greatest place of the city) with her City Museum and many musical pavilions and cafes, Bridge Elizabethbruck, Beautiful composer and conductor mansion Franz Legara, extraordinary Villa Landauer, great Museum of vehicles (Fahrzeugmuseum) and the old cemetery on which many famous cultural figures of Austria rest. There are several small mountains around the city, rather high hills, which makes the surroundings very convenient for hiking.

Cities of Austria Bad Ishl
  • Panorama Resort Bad Ishl
  • "Petry Hall" Trunkhalla
  • Embankment Toune


Bad Ishl as a water resort has existed since 1823. Already then local medicinal dirt and mineral sources have been successfully used to treat rheumatism and respiratory diseases. Diseases of internal organs, female and childhood diseases, cardiovascular diseases are also treated. Now the city is famous for its boarding houses, in which those from all over the world are coming to get rid of their ailments.

Guests can enjoy 25 tennis halls and courts, almost 6000 meter golf course, horseback riding, skiing, fishing. It is very convenient to ride bicycles, because in the vicinity there are quite a lot of smooth, well-kept tracks. And, of course, endless and varied hiking mountain routes.

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Cities of Austria Bad Ishl

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