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And at the same time, located just below (height 850-858 meters above sea level) Bad Hofgastein is much more similar to typical Austrian resorts than fashionable Badgastine. Life here leishes leisurely and measured, the atmosphere is more comfortable and homemade, the slopes are more gentle and wide. In the center there is an alpine resort park with a huge medical and healthy thermal complex Thermal Temple and a system of ponds. Evening life in Bad Hofgasteine ​​is calm, as on any elite resort, dozens of restaurants, cafes, sports centers (some closed pools of more than two dozen), inventory rental and so on.

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The opposite of resort calmness are exciting ski slopes StullcoilSchlossalm (general zone with Badgastein) and Dorfgastine (Dorfgastein) 8 km from the city. The total length of the tracks here is about 81 km, but by virtue of the general riding region, this figure can be safely increased twice. Trails here more "calm", than in the top of the valley – "blue" and "Green" about 35%, but there are quite serious slopes – to category "Red" Take about 62%, "Black" – almost 3%. The slopes are serviced by two dozens of lifts.

Ski season lasts from early December to mid-April. However, in the north of the valleys, from mid-March there are noticeable problems with snow, while on the high-alone shortgaste it to this period is already tamping to the state of ice, frequent and cloudy days, when clouds cover the entire zone of skiing. Therefore, it is optimal to be the period from mid-December to the beginning of March.

Tourist subscription

United Ski Pass Ski Amad&# 233; allows you to ride in five ski regions (Salzburger Sportwelt, Schladming Dachstein-Tauern, Gasteinertal, Hochk&# 246; Nig’s Winterreich and Grossarltal), and this is 865 km skiing and 276 lifts, more than 20 resort villages with almost a hundred hotels. Rates fluctuate from 36-39 euros per day to 176-190 euros for 6 days (for children and adolescents Discount from 15% to 50%).

In addition to the Salzburg Super Ski Card subscription, which provides access to 23 Salzburg Earth’s main ski regions and numerous adjacent territories, operates its WWW subscription system.Gastein.COM / EN-Gasteincard.HTM with a separate discount system.

In general, the rates in the valley of the Guastairetal can be very different even within one resort, and literally on everything, starting with the cost of training and rolled equipment and ending with restaurants and cafes. With a generally high level of service, here it is quite possible to bargain to outdated equipment or uncomfortable numbers, on miscalculations in the maintenance and schedule of transport, so it is always necessary to carefully choose both the scene and accommodation.

Reviews and studies of trips

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