Cities of Austria: Bad Ause

Lying 14 km east of the lake Hallastter-Ze, Already in the territory of Styria, town Bad Ause (Bad Aussee) is also widely known as a popular resort.

Like Bad-Ishl, he owes his imperial family – here he loved to rest the Ersgertz Johann, according to the legend, insanely in love with the daughter of the head of the local post office Anna File. And he also lies at the distance from the lakes, like Bad Ishl, the truth of the lakes themselves here are two – Grundlze northeastern and Altauszer-Ze – north. But what is exactly different from the North "Competitor", So this is a lot of attention to folk traditions and history – here you can find a lot of people lying down every day in folk costumes, and local carnivals are famous as one of the most colorful in the country.

  • Mercedes Bridge in Bad Ause
  • Catholic Church in Bad Ause
  • Cities of Austria Bad Ause
  • Monument to Ertzgercogu Johann


The narrow streets of the small city center are wound around the tiny central Church, The lawns of which are picturesquely rise above the venue of the rivers Altauszer-Traun and Grandlazer-Traun. Statue in the middle of the park is delivered in honor "Popularizer" Cities – Erzgertzoga Johanna, and in the modernized Kurhaus in the northern end of the green zone there is a main cafe and a popular concert hall, where the best folk groups are speaking regularly.

On Chlumeckyplatz you can find a good historical museum Cameraf, occupying the gothic building of the former office of the local salvo company. On the square Meranplatz Tower Church Strapiecircher with luxurious interiors, and a little further east by Kirchengasse there is a medieval urban Church of St. Paul.

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