Cities of Austria: Eisenartz

It is worth seeing the church of St. Osvald surrounded by a powerful wall (XIII-XV centuries.), the main square of Bergmannsplatz with the town hall of the XVI century and the building of Krippenhaus (the typical Austrian Christmas verteps is now exhibited here – "Krippen") and a good urban museum on Schulstrasse.


You can also go to a special WWW tour.Abenteuer-Erzberg.AT on Ertzberg’s deprastruments, which includes both the inspection of numerous mechanisms of different eras, and trips on trolleys in the very heart of the mountain or hiking along the labyrinth of underground galleries.

Many attracts a one-pane along the terraces of the slopes on a huge truck Hauly, originally used to transport ore.

You can ride and skiing – stretching from the southern outskirts of the city of Valley Ramzaubakh It has several good slopes, and before the tracks Perebihl pass literally 25 minutes by car from the city center.

Flat as the table of the Lake Lake Leopoldsteiner-Ze and the Zeubach River (literally 500 meters in a straight line from the northern suburbs Muruni, on the way about an hour drive) allows you to ride on plain skis or gust.

Cities of Austria Aisenharts


1.5 kilometers of the North-west of the village of Oberort (Oberort, 14 km east of Eyesenz and 18 km north of Leoben), at an altitude of 810 meters above sea level, lies with an amazing lake Gruner-Ze (Gruner SEE). In full accordance with his name ("Green lake") It occupies the center of the extensive park area with glades, ponds of sfarrertime and kroytayh, paths and bridges through numerous streams, originating on the slopes of the surrounding mountains.

Most of the year (from September to the end of April), Grüner-Ze represents only one of the many beautiful mountain lakes of the country. But in the spring because of the melting of the snow, the water level rises by 4-8 meters and almost the entire park is flooded. At the same time, due to the purity of glacial water (transparency – about18 meters!), there is almost everything that produced on the bottom and turning into a fabulously beautiful underwater park. Fish float between wooden benches, green grass and flowers are swinging in the tact of a wave like algae, the leaves of the trees are transfused with all the colors of the rainbow, and all the park buildings become a mysterious flooded city. By virtue of low (+ 4-8&# 186; c) water temperature is impossible here, but if there are special wetsuits, you can even do diving and snorkeling, the benefit of the total depth of the basin is small (11-19 m). But thousands of tourists every year come here just to walk on the shore and admire this amazing natural phenomenon.

Cities of Austria Aisenharts

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