Cities of Australia: Perth

Perth – a young and modern city, spread over the shores wide River Zonon, at its own estuary.

Perth and his satellite city Fremantle occupy a huge area, but all life, mostly focused in two places: in "City" – the very center of Perth, and in the Fremantla Business Center.

Perth is a big and developed city, there is something to do and day, and at night. You can visit the Gallery of the Fine Arts of Western Australia, where the works of foreign and Australian masters are exhibited, including the masterpieces of the traditional art of the Aborigines, who amazing the technique of their performance. No less interesting museum of Western Australia, talking about the nature of the state, his history, about the largest meteorite Crater of the world in Wolf Creek, And, of course, about indigenous people – Aborighen. In the evening you can visit any of dozens of luxurious restaurants in the city or Casino Berswood. In addition, Perth has a huge number of exhibitions and conferences of the most different profile.

City-Port Fremantle Located in the mouth River Zonon, 19 km south-west of Perth, and closely connected with it by ordinary city transport – buses, suburban trains, ferries and a taxi. Therefore, even living in Fremantle, you can always easily and quickly be in the center of Perth. Freemannutl was founded in 1829, which is long enough for Australian standards, therefore it is considered "historic city". In Fremantle, there are some of the most famous sights of Perth’s environs – Maritime Museum, Fremantle Tomnot, Fremantle Center for Fine Arts and the oldest structure of Western Australia – "Round House". And in the vicinity of the city stretched a whole series of excellent beaches and dive centers.

Cities of Australia Pert

In the vicinity of Perth interesting to inspect the world’s largest open gold and nickel deposits in the area Calgohurley, As well as mines in the world’s largest diamondi district Kimberley. This is a region of large rivers and a magnificent landscape, bizarre nature and relict plants and animals. It is said that the most characteristic Australian landscapes – red earth, rocks, trees and blue skies, are found here. Wildlife includes crocodiles, Walar and rare black Villabi. The exciting breath of the gorge along Fitzroy River, Meteoric crater Wolf Creek, National Parks Gibb-River Road and Banjan.

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