Cities of Australia: Melbourne

Melbourne was founded in 1835 g. and after 30 years he became the biggest city of Australia. It is often called "The cultural capital of the southern hemisphere".

Nowadays, Melbourne compact Center is filled with museums, galleries and beautiful shops, but most of the city are occupied by parks, squares and royal botanical garden. The National Gallery and the Victoria Museum, the Museum of Modern Australian Art, the Cathedral of St. Patrick, James Memorial Cook and Old Mint of the City.

The Government of Melbourne is making a lot of effort to save "European Imija" Cities – Vintage buildings are carefully guarded, small trams walk through the streets, and on the first floors of colorful houses there are quiet boutiques and hundreds of restaurants. At the same time, the city is the honorary title of one of the least polluted megalopolises of the world. Melbourne still plays a leading role in the cultural and sports life of the country – most of the Australian exhibitions, competitions and conferences of a global scale are held here.

Most tourists who arrive in Melbourne are primarily seeking to see the famous resort surroundings – Phillip Island Island With his amazing "Penguin parade", One of the symbols of Australia – "Great Ocean Road and Picturesque Weathered Shores in the South-West Victoria, As well as the beautiful Port Campbell National Park, which is famous for the amazing collection of limestone "Sculptures", Including both famous "Twelve Apostles", "London Bridge" and Loch Ard Gorge. No less attractive place – Forest Massif Oweiz Ranjiz between Apollo Bay Bay and Lorn. It is recommended to visit the ancient town of gold kits – Hill Near Ballarata. In that "open-air museum" You can see Australia Epoch "Golden fever". Very attractive excursion in Mountains Dandenong, located 50 km. From Melbourne, where you can ride through a dense forest with a huge variety of Australian and brought flora on an old train "Paffing Billy" ("Puffing Billy")

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Australia – a country in which there is everything!

In 2011, in April, we spent a month in Australia. We did not have plans. We just decided to go from Melbourne to the west coast, search on the way of sights. Read more →

Cities of Australia Melbourne

wwweekend | April 2011


We arrived at the station at 9 am and it remained to go through only 200 meters to the hotel, which was located on King Street. Bug a serious breeze, the sky lay on the shoulders, we were preyed through the city jungle. Read more →

irina pozhar | April 2014

Melbourne, Australian Europe

Here you have the most interesting, in my opinion, the Australian city and part-time the place where I would gladly go to live if you needed to choose something inside Australia. Read more →

Cities of Australia Melbourne

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