Cities in Australia: Darwin

Darwin is a small, but modern city, the center of the northern provinces and the main "Gates" Countries in Southeast Asia, is closer to Jakarta than to Sydney.

In this city in a short time you can get so many impressions and get acquainted with such beauty of wildlife, which can hardly be found somewhere else. In Kakada Park (included in UNESCO World Heritage List) On the territory of unique natural landscapes, a beautiful collection of wild animals, flora and representatives of the bird world are collected, in the park of wild animals of the northern territories ("TERRITORY WILDLIFE PARK"), along with other representatives of the Australian fauna, you can get acquainted with the legendary Australian giant fish "Barramandy". In the vicinity of Darwin are beautiful lichfield parks and the Katerina Gorge.

In the very city it is interesting to visit the unique Military Museum on East Point, the original art gallery and culture of the Aboriginal, the farm of grab crocodiles and the Botanical Garden of Darwin. In the vicinity of Darwin, the beaches are quite a bit, and a hot local climate will not allow a quietly to enjoy the sea coast, but you can make a tour of the islands of the Bay of Wang Diemen, where the space for a beach holiday and diving is much larger.

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Cities of Australia Darwin

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Cities of Australia Darwin

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