Cities of Australia: Alice Springs

Alice Springs – the main city of Central Australia and the capital of the northern territories, surrounded by the deserts of a small town with low houses and several large streets, on which, nevertheless, there is everything you need for rest – numerous casinos, restaurants and shops.

Interesting to attend a unique radio station "Aero-cheek", which broadcasts on radio lessons for children living in remote areas, or the air base of the famous medical "Royal Service Flying Doctor" ("Royal Flying DOCTOR SERVICE"), camel farm or museum "Old telegraph station" – Live certificate of the era of the development of the Australian deserts. The main attractions of the region are far from the city.

Alice Springs is the starting point of many routes to Ayers-Rock, but also the foots of the mountain McDonnell Range Many interesting places are made in themselves – mountainous landscapes of deep gorges, red rocks, secluded billabongi, bottomless abyss, lifeless sands and green oases, scenic Simpson Gap Gorge and Absure Standley, Coloric Lake big hole and Ormiston, as well as many other unique landscaped monuments. Nearby lying "Ghost city" Arlanta, abandoned from time "Golden fever". 150 km south-west of Alice Springs, in the National Park "Gorge Finke", There is a palm valley – an amazing natural education, which is a precipitated valley in ancient cycade palm trees surrounded by lifeless deserts. Along the way, you can visit the central commune of local Aborigines – Ermannsburg. 323 km west of Alice Springs is one of the most amazing places of Central Australia – Royal Canyon.

Cities of Australia Alice Springs

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Desert and Kings Canyon

We went to the center of the country – in Alice Springs. City in the center of what I would call the Australian savanna. Our destination was Watarrka National Park, where we were going to meet the sunrise in Kings Canyon. Read more →

Cities of Australia Alice Springs

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