Cities of Armenia: Yerevan

Yerevan is located on average River River, at altitudes from 850 to 1300 m in the heart of Ararat Plain.

Ancient Erebuni is mentioned in the chronicles already in VIII in. to N. NS., And then, for many centuries, it is a major center of Eastern Armenia and one of the key shopping centers of Transcaucasia. After the collapse of the USSR, Yerevan became the capital of independent Armenia.

The city’s center is considered to be the Republic Square (there are a museum complex, Foreign Ministry and a number of other structures) and a prospect of Mashtots, who comes from Mathenadaran to the city market. The radial layout of the center makes it easy to navigate in this small, saturated attractions of a plot limited by Ring of Boulevards. In the center of the city are interesting numerous squares (first of all opera Square with a conservatory), Yerevan Fortress (XVI in.), the famous institute-repository of the ancient Armenian manuscripts – Materenadaran (more than 16 thousand. Manuscripts V-X BB.) with the monument to Mesropa Mastottsu in front of the facade, the Memorial complex of Sardarapat (1968.), monument of memory of victims of the Armenian Genocide Citrnakaberd with the Museum of the Genocide (1995.), Memorial monument to the heroes of the Karabakh war – Yerablour, as well as many colorful buildings, the facades of many of which are faced with true Armenian material – volcanic tuff.

The original architecture, literally saturated by national motives, the hotel buildings are distinguished "Armenia" and the former house of unions, "Boulevard Fontanov" Between the streets of Nalbandian and Shaumyan, the building of the Yerevan brandy plant, the unusual triangular house of chess players, the ensemble of the Academy of Sciences on Marshal Baghamyn Avenue, the Opera and Ballet Theater with a large Filharmonic Hall, Chamber Music House and other facilities created by Armenian architects.

The sports and concert complex of the original architecture is enjoyed by a sports-concert complex, the stadium is relegated to the gorge of the river of the same name, the summer water park, the Botanical Garden and the Zoo, as well as the area of ​​colorful restaurants and skewers – Streyana Street.

The city has a huge number of churches -. Catogic (XV in.), St. Sargis (1835-1842.), St. Ovanes-mkrtich (1710 g.), St. Acopery (XVII in.), St. Actician (XVII in.), St. Geworka (XVI-XVII centuries.), St. Zoralor (1693 g., One of the oldest churches of Yerevan), a huge Yerevan Cathedral (built in honor of the celebration of the 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity), Mosque (XVIII in.), Ruins of churches. Grigor Lusavorch and St. Pogote-Petros, the ruins of the Avan temple (VI in.) and chapels. Ovansa and sv. Actician nearby, as well as many other cult facilities.

Well, by the number of museum expositions, Yerevan is able to argue with any capital of the world. Here are an extensive museum complex on the Republic Square (unites the Art Gallery of Armenia, the Historical Museum, the Museum of Literature and Art, the Museum of Revolution and the Small Hall of Philharmonic), the Museum of History of Yerevan, Museum of Ervand Kochar, Museum of our Art, Museum of Ethnography, Museum Museum, Museum of our Art Aram Khachaturian, House-Museum Avetika Isaakyan, Martios Museum Saryan (open in 1967.), Museum of ovansas Tumanyan (1953.), Museum of Contemporary Art (1972.), Museum of Folk Art (1978.), The exhibition hall of the Union of Artists, and of course – a unique Matenadaran. Mesrop Mashtots (1957.).

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Cities of Armenia Yerevan

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