Cities of Armenia: Gyumri

Gyumri (formerly. Leninakan) – the capital of Chirak Ashhar and one of the oldest cities in Armenia (known with II in. to N. NS.), Located 126 km of the North-west of the capital of Armenia, on the Chirac Mountain Plateau. The city is known as the center of traditional crafts, Armenian architecture, science, health and tourism.

The terrible earthquake of 1988 almost destroyed the city, soles from the face of the Earth his numerous attractions. Currently, the city is almost completely lined up. Overall buildings, alleys and parks who died into the earthquake were changed to monotonous 3-5 storey blocks, where tens of thousands of families of Leninakans moved from tent settlements existing here for many years. Unfortunately, thousands of people who were deprived of the roofs over their heads, to this day, are forced to live in railway wagons. Gradually restored parks, once cut into cold winters, when residents of the destroyed city were warmed by fire. Currently, the city is associated with Yerevan beautiful highway and railway. Undoubtedly, it is worth making a brief stop on the way in Yerevan, or on the way to Georgia.

In the vicinity of Gyumri, picturesque landscapes are still attractive, areas of archaeological excavations, and many ancient temples and monasteries have been preserved well, including the ruins of the Gyumri fortress (XIX in.), Aricavank Monastery Complex (VII-XIII centuries.), Marmashen Monastery (988-1029.), Cathedral in the former capital of the Kingdom of Bagratydov – Ani (XI in.), the ruins of the Basilica of the V century in Anisemza and the famous monastery Arich (Summer Residence of the Catholicos, VII in.) with the church of Surb Acycin (XII-XIII centuries.).

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Cities of Armenia Gyumri

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Cities of Armenia Gyumri

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