Cities of Armenia: Echmiadzin

The dominant place among memorable places around the capital is undoubtedly the magnificent Echmiadzin – the center of the Armenian-Gregorian Church, "Heart of Armenia" and the residence of the Catholicos, known with II in. to N. NS.

Here, in the center of the ancient city of Vagarshapat, known with II in. N. NS. and served as the capital of Armenia for many centuries, an Echmiadzinsky Cathedral is located (301-483. N. NS.), majestic temples of SURB RIPSIME (618 g.), Surb Gayane (630 g.) and SURB Schogakat (1694 g.), The Spiritual Academy of St. Echmiadzin, the residence of the Catholicos, the Synod of the Armenian Church, the library (about 30 thousand. Rare Tomov) and a unique book, monastic cells and many ancient Khachkarov (traditional Armenian crosses of a special form), as well as local history museum and art museum. Komitas.

Next to Echmiadzin is a Musaler Memorial, dedicated to the participants of the heroic defense of Musadag 1915.

5 km from Echmiadzin lie unique ruins of the temple of Zvartnots (Surb Grigor, 643-652. N. NS.), which was destroyed by an earthquake in x in.

Reviews and studies of trips

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Cities of Armenia Echmiadzin

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Cities of Armenia Echmiadzin

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