Cities of Argentina: San Carlos de Bariloche

The main attraction of the south of Argentina is the resort of San Carlos de Bariloche, which many are quite deservedly called "Argentine Switzerland".

In winter, Bariloche is considered one of the most popular ski resorts. America, and in the summer – an excellent water resort, as it lies on the shore of the picturesque lake Naplel-Uaui (557 sq. km).

Cities of Argentina San Carlos de Baryiloche

In addition to excellent conditions for active recreation, complexes Temple Major and El Centro-Sivico (1940 g), San Eduardo chapel, Cathedral of La Cedral de Bariloche (National Historical Monument), Monument Hulio Roca, Exhibition Hall in The building of the former post office, a municipality with huge turmoil clocks, a city tourist center, a rich Museum of Patagonia and Sarmitian Library, Estancia Navel-UAPI where the house has been preserved, in which Batch Cassidy and Sandans Kidd, surrounding the city National Park Navel-Whapi, Cvetrikhe Peninsula with National Park Arrayaes Park and Forest Arayyana (Local Relief Variety of Larch, 12 Hectar) and Parrylial El Vieho-Bolic.

The surroundings of the Bariloche are also well suited for any kind of recreation – you can climb the slopes of the three-headed extinct volcano Trondor (3554 m), visit the resort town of Villa La Angostura, Peninsula, Liao-Llani, suspension bridge 34 km from Intension, Ridge Serro Lopez and Ando’s shelter, Catedral and Otto Mountains, Los Cearsz Waterfall, Lake Moreno and El Trabol, Picturesque Al-Bolson Valley, Town Esquel in Scholyla Valley (340 km South Bariloche), Tropical Forest National Park Los Aleurses (30 km west Esquel ) With Lake Verde and Flastic Forests, whose age is estimated at 2-3 thousand. years, area of ​​waterfalls near Trevelin (24 km from Esquel), Lake Futalauachen or Lake Menendes with the Winter Resort of La Goya. Around the Barilocheus there is a thick network of winter resorts and mountain houses of a different type, where there are all the conditions for recreation.

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