Cities of Arab Emirates: Sharjah

The main attractions of the city of Sharjah are the King Faisal Mosque – one of the largest in the Middle East (accommodates up to 3 thousand. Praying), Vintage District of Meriaja, Watchtower along the coast of Al-Khan Bay, Monument to the Holy Quran, a monument to progress, numerous museums and exhibitions, as well as Al-Jazeera Amusement Park on the island and beautiful beaches of Laguna Khalid.

There are many museums in the city – Museum of National Heritage, Museum of Art, Archaeological and Scientific Museums, while historical findings from Meriages have so much of the historical importance that the city is often called "Museum Treasury of the United Arab Emirates". Sharjah wears and title "Architectural capital of Emirates" – New architectural complexes of the city market and the Al-Majara market themselves are masterpieces.

As in other emirates, the main point of attraction for tourists is Chardi shopping areas: al-Fahd shopping street, Jamal Abdul Nasser, Central Market Sharjah (Sharjah Suk, Blue Suk), Fish Marma, Textile Bazaar, Golden Market, Yarmuk, Iranian Market and Street King Faisal Road.

Hotels of Shardji

Sharjah significantly lags behind Dubai by the number of hotels, hotel construction here goes quite slow pace. In Sharjah there are no hotels, entirely owned by private capital: one co-owner is necessarily the state. Only nine of the tourist class hotels are located directly on the banks of the Persian Gulf. Three – on the coast of the Gulf Cage, other hotels in city. On the coast here are not only expensive hotels of high categories, there are 2-3 * hotels, and even motels – for example, Golden Beach Motel.

Cities of Arab Emirates Sharjah

Entertainment in Sharjan

As expected, Sharjah is not rich in nightlife and entertainment in European style. Bars and other malic institutions no. The evening can be held in the Arab nightclub with national music, the usual discos is absent even in hotels. Lovers of stormy nightlife can be selected in the evenings in Dubai (13 km), spending 25-40 DHS taxi.

Al Jazira Park is a favorite place of walking and locals, and tourists. On the island in the Gulf of Chalated there is a picturesque park, where there are children’s attractions and the third largest fountain in the world.

Cities of Arab Emirates Sharjah

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