Cities of Arab Emirates: Ajman

The capital of the Emirates of the same name, the city of Ajman is the residence of Emir and the focus of the main commercial organizations. This is a calm provincial town, poor in entertainment. There is a shopping area, cozy restaurants on the central streets. However, behind entertainment and shopping from here most often go to nearby Emirates – Dubai and Sharjah.

It is worth a visit located in a huge fort (XVII in.) National Historical Museum of Ajman with a luxurious exposition of archaeological finds, manuscripts and weapons. Interestingly, the famous Azhmantic shipyard, which still produces traditional sailboats for old technologies "DOU" and modern fiberglass vessels. You can also visit the Square Watch Tower, Al-Nuoo Mosque, camel track, beaches or mineral springs near the city.

In Ajman NO "dry" The law, moreover, is the only one (not counting the store in Umm-al-Al-Kuwaine) throughout the state the store in which foreign tourists without any restrictions release alcoholic beverages imported (it is located 150 meters from the Ajman Kempinski hotel and about 30 minutes Ride from Dubai).

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Cities of Arab Emirates Ajman

UAE. Fishing market campaign in Ajman

Fish Market, which is so called fish markets in the Emirates, in Ajman is not as big as in the neighboring Sharjah and Dubai. There is a characteristic smell on the street, almost no. Read more →

Ayrat72 | Winter 2015

Six Emirates

We were waiting for a small trip to 6 Emirates of the country. The United Arab Emirates consist of 7 Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Ras El-Heima, Umm-El Caivine, Fujairah and Sharjah read more →

Cities of Arab Emirates Ajman

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