Cities of Antigua: Inglish Harbor

Inglish Harbor ("English Harbor"), lying on the southern coast of the island, is considered the most popular attraction of Antigua, which has the richest collection of historical monuments on the island.

The main attraction point in the harbor is Nelson-Dinkyard ("Verf Nelson"), which is a British marine base (XVIII century), today is the most popular yacht parking on the island and the only real harbor of that epoch in the world.

During the Napoleonic Wars, Inglish Harbor was used as one of the main bases of the British fleet, the names of Nelson, Rodney and Huda are connected with it, so it is not surprising that now the National Park of about 27 kV. KM.

Cities of Antigua Inglish Harbor

Mansion Clarence House in Gregorian-style (XVIII century, now – the summer residence of the Governor General), a partially restored fortified surveillance post and an old cemetery in Shirley-Heights, as well as the Dowz Hill visitors center (Multimedia representations on history are held regularly Antigua), and among the thickets of cacti, Fort Berkeley, who once defended the Western entrance to the harbor (the fort is dilated, but intensively restored).

Nearby lies a large horseshoe bay Falmut Harbor, which is a whole tourist complex with a large number of restaurants. High in the hills over the village of Falmouth (North Harbor) there is a massive Fort Great Fort George, and the eastern part of Falmut Harbor practically adjoins Nelson-Docyard. The Anglican Church of the Gent-Paul, located on the main road to Falmouth, is the first Christian Church of Antigua (built in 1676). Around the church, an old cemetery with graves of Charles Pitt was spread (was buried here in 1780), Andrew Dalop Memorial and other historical figures.

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