Angola City: Luanda

Luanda is the capital of Angola since colonial times (founded in 1575). The city is famous for its buildings of colonial architecture and stitched with delicious mosaic sidewalks, as well as charming mixing of styles and eras in layout and building.

The tourists are quite popular with the Museum of Angola with a wonderful ethnographic collection and the Museum of the Dunda, as well as the colonial buildings of the University and the Portuguese fortress of San Miguel (XVII in.).

Travelers on whom Luanda will not make a big impression, will be quite satisfied with the beauty of Angolan beaches, a rainforest, a kind of charm of Savannan and a variety of wild animals, in particular by flocks of exotic birds.

Reviews and studies of trips

Tourist business Angola

Since the tourist infrastructure in Angola is missing "slightly less than quite", everything will need to do yourself. Not a single tour operator in Moscow, who could help with something, I don’t know. Read more →

Cities of Angola Luanda

Angola 2013. About everything

Luanda has its own "MKAD", called Via Experesao (it seems to write correctly) for "Lurade Mcada" The Chinese otfochali district from such multi-colored houses. Feels like this area on the square with a third of Luanda. Read more →

Megard | summer 2013

Angola 2013. Flight

Dubai Airport. Previously, did not pay attention to the fact that toilets and rooms for prayers at the airport are near. The whole flight of the sky was tightened by clouds. Somewhere in the area of ​​Sudan a little cleared up reading →

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