Cities of ancient civilizations

Get acquainted with the history of ancient worlds, you can not only with the help of books. It is much more interesting to see everything with your own eyes, touch your hands to the centuries-old ruins, walk along the roads that did not see one thousand legs and a hundred years. In addition to individual objects that are located in the territories of modern cities, there are those that have retained their pristine charm and remained outside of today’s civilization. Talk about ancient abandoned cities.

Teotiuoisan, Mexico

This ancient Mexican city has detected for another 5 centuries before the arrival of the Aztecs, who believed in the divine origin of the giant pyramids. Once the TEOTIUUKAN belonged to a very developed, but unknown civilization.

Today is one of the main places of tourism pilgrimage in the country.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Picchu Machu – the famous abandoned city, the opening of which belongs to Professor Yale University Hairam Bing. It is known that Machu Picchu was erected in 1440 by order of the Incas Lords, and people lived in it until 1532. However, with the advent of the Spaniards, the population of the city mysteriously disappeared.

Ephesus, Turkey

This antique city belonged first to the Greeks, and then Romans. According to the importance and wealth of Ephesus was the second city in the Roman Empire. In ancient times, his main landmark was considered the temple of Artemis Ephesus. Unfortunately, only the foundation of this "miracle" survived to this day.

Angkor, Cambodia

Cities of ancient civilizations

It is the great Khmer ruins of Angkor who inspired the creators of the Soviet cartoon "Mowgli". Here the famous fighter "Lara Croft: Tomb Rank".

Almost 1000 years ago Angkor was a real ancient megapolis, in which about 1 million people lived. For comparison: in London and Paris, in those days, there were almost about 80,000 inhabitants.

Peter, Jordan

Who did not hear about the ancient Peter? Even those who have never rested in Egypt or Israel know about him, from where in Peter you can ride with the excursion. Its creation is attributed to the ancient swabs that controlled local roads.

A business card of the city is a huge stone facade "Treasury", which can be contemplated in the movie "Indiana Jones and the last crusade".

Cities of ancient civilizations

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