Albania City: Durres

In Durres (Frochcho in Italian), 38 km west of Tirana, an ancient city is interesting, based in 627 g. to N. NS. Greeks.

Roman ruins and strengthening in abundance decorate this chief industrial city and the country’s trading port, the second largest city of Albania. For centuries, it was the largest port on the Adriatic and the beginning of the famous Via-Ignatia, going to Constantinople himself.

Until now, the ruins of the Byzantine and Venetian fortresses are preserved here, from "Venetian tower" In the harbor, the medieval urban wall goes to the amphitheater (I-II centuries. N. NS.) on the territory of which the early Christian crypt was discovered with rare on the beauty of the wall mosaic. Amphitheater itself still looks sufficiently impressive and is considered a business card of the city, majestically towering on the constantly flooded the slope of the hill inside the fortress walls.

Most of Durres excursions begins with an archaeological museum, which goes with its walls on the embankment near the port. Behind the Museum – the walls of the Byzantine city of VI century (built after the invasion of Visigoths in 481. N. NS.), reinforced by round Venetian towers in the XIV in. The old palace of King Ahmet Zoga is located to the west of the amphitheater, and in front of him the statue of the founder of the country – Skanderbega. Roman terms are deserved behind Alexander Misu theater at the Central Square.

Cities of Albania Durres

Not far from the city is the popular sea resort of Dresses-Plage.

Reviews and studies of trips

Travel from Durres to Himaru

Our journey from July 4 to July 9, 2013 from Durres (in fact, we left Mali Robit south of Durres) in Himaru passed through the Orthodox monastery on the island of Zvenets (Zvernec). Read more →

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