Cities of Afghanistan: Kandahar

Kandahar – the second largest city and the main shopping center of Afghanistan, the capital of the province of the same name in the south of the country and the historical center of Pashtun tribes.

Legends say that the city was founded by Alexander Macedonian himself in the IV century BC. NS. and repeatedly entered the composition of various empires, from Persian to Mogolskaya, but modern Kandahar was founded somewhat away from the ancient city, almost on the scratch of Ahmad-Shah Durranously.

Cities of Afghanistan Kandahar

The main treasure of Kandahar – a fragment of the prophet’s raincoat – is located in the mosque da Kerk-Sorif Ziarat. It is impossible to access Nemusulman, however, you can see other urban monuments – the elegant octagonal Mausoleum of Ahmad-Shah Dursoran (XVIII in.), Citadel ARK (XVIII-XIX centuries.), Jamme-Mui Mobarak Mosque (Prophet’s Hair Mosque, XIX.), CHAR-SUK central sales area with its streets, Herat-Bazaar, Shah Bazaar, Kabul Bazar and Shirpur-Bazaar; Square Shahidan-Chow (area of ​​fallen martyrs) with a small monument (1946-1948.); Shrine Hazragi-Baba (XVII in.); Kandaigan Museum; Built allegedly by the Babour Ladder and the Grotto of Shishl-Zina ("Forty steps", 4 km west of the city); The ruins of the old town of Zor-Ball nearby (Old Kandahar was destroyed in 1738 by the troops of the Persian Shah Afshar) with his ruins of the Palace Kasry Noragia; shrine world-sahib; Mausoleum Mir-Wais-Baba (10 km west of the city); Baba-Vali shrines are 8 km north of Kandahar (the Valley itself, in which this monument is located, has been famous for repeated battles between Afghan and British troops in the middle of the XIX.) And Sher-Surh (Red Lion, 5 km south of the city, it was here that Ahmad Shaha’s coronation was held in 1747.), as well as the largest Archaeological site of the bronze century in Mundigak (56 km south of the city).

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