Cities of Afghanistan: Jelalabad

Jelalabad – the capital of Nangarhar region, located southeast of Kabul and bordering Pakistan, is an ancient shopping center connecting the regions of Central Asia through Hibiber’s passage with India and Pakistan.

The city lies in the present Mountain Oasis, where oranges, rice and sugar cane are grown, so it is not surprising that it was these edges that were chosen to accommodate the capital of the ancient kingdom of Gandara. The city himself was erected by Babur and his grandson of the Akbar – the legendary rulers of the Dynasty of the Great Mughal, and then he was the winter capital of the country for a long time. Jalalabad suffered greatly during the tragic events of the mid-end of the 20th century, and his once numerous attractions were almost completely destroyed. However, there is hope that besides a practically not affected complex of the Mausoleum of Emir Habibulla and his relatives, the Palace of Seder-Ul-Emorat will be restored in the near future (1910 g.) and "Royal Gardens" Bakhi Shahi.

Cities of Afghanistan Jelalabad

In the vicinity of Jalalabad, there are many historical sites as not surprisingly – according to believing it was in these places a Buddha lived in one of his reincarnations. The most significant archaeological site of the region is considered to be the village of Adda (11 km southeast of Jelalabad), around which about a thousand Buddhist accommodation and the Buddhist Monastery Complex Top-and-Coter (however, the preservation of these monuments also causes big doubts), the city of Mehtarls with his shrine Mehtar Lamak among extensive gardens, stretching along the terrace over the dry bed of the river, as well as the village of Nalla with Mughal gardens.

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