Cities of Afghanistan: Herat

The capital of the province of the same name, the city of Herat (550 km from Kabul) is considered one of the most beautiful and oldest cities of Afghanistan, and the date of its foundations refer to at least V century to our era.

Alexander Macedonian and Arabs fought for the possession of this convenient strategic center, Tamerlan (who made him in 1381 with his capital) and Ahmad Shah Drand, and nowhere is he is the largest shopping and export center of the country, the largest city of Western Afghanistan.

Cities of Afghanistan Herat

The main sights of Herat are the magnificent Friday mosque Masjidi-Jammi (XIII in., The second to the height of the mosque in the world is 65 m); Musalla complex (1417 g.) with six minarets (in a more or less form one is only one), Mausoleums of daughter-in-law Tamerlane, Hohar-Shad (the complex itself is an accurate copy of the GUR-EMir in Samarkand) and Alisher Navoi; Four pasted Minaret Sultan Hussein Baikara – all that remained from the Madrasa built by him (1417 g.); Located 5 km east of the city feature, the Gazar Ga complex (1425 g.) – the shrine of Sufia Abdullah Ansari and the poet Abder-Rakhman Harava, or Jami (XV in.); Nearby Tahti Safar Park, CHAR-SUK central square with its four markets, Kala-I-I-Ihtyatdin fortress (1305 g.) on a hill in the western part of the old city, as well as the elegant arched bullet-malan bridge (approximately XIV in.) south of the old city.

Cities of Afghanistan Herat

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