Nicaragua city: Granada

On the West Bank of Lago-de Nicaragua, 45 km south-east of Managua lies one of the most beautiful cities in Nicaragua – Granada.

The city was founded in 1524 g. Francisco-Hernandez de Cordoba, which gives him the status of the oldest city, founded by the Spaniards on the Isthmus between North and South America. In the era of the Spanish rule of Granada fantastically rich in the transit of gold and minerals in Spain. Several times subjected to attacks of pirates, Granada, however, continued to develop and turned into the financial capital of the country.

Nowadays, the house of Laasa Casa de Los Leone is deserved here (1857.), first Spanish church of the city – Iglesia de San Francisco, "White fortress" La Polvora (1749 g.), It is worth visiting the beaches of La Bokita, Casares and Hewiett, visit the nearby "City of Mango" Rivas with his museum of archeology and history, as well as stroll along the streets of the old part of the city, who saw all the rulers of this land – from Spanish conquistadors to Sandinist leaders.

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