Mianma City: Yangon (Rangoon)

Yangon, Country Privacy – One of the most unusual cities in the region.

Around 4 million people inhabited, a huge city is so abounding with trees and lawns, which is practically merged with the surrounding jungle, which radically differing from the urbanized capitals of other Asian countries. Wide boulevards dissect green arrays over which the spiers of numerous monasteries and pagodas come out there ("Paja"), here and there ponds and lakes flashed there, also around all sides, surrounded by pagodas and mansions, thousands of outlets are hiding in the shadows all the same trees, and the constant noise of a big city seems to be blurred in hot local air.

Attractions Yangona

The main attraction of the city is the famous Swedagon Pagoda (built approximately in V in. to N. NS., in modern form known from XVIII in.) located on the top of the hill surrounded by a huge 82 pagoda, statues, temples, stories and pavilions, decorated with ornamental carvings. The height of the pagoda is about 110 meters, 8 thousand was spent on its decoration. Golden Sheets, 5 thousand. diamonds and 2 thousand. precious and semi-precious stones. Buddha’s 4 hair is kept in a pagoda.

Also interesting is the giant sculpture of the lying Buddha in Chaukhatgi-Paj (created approximately in IX in. N. NS.), Pagoda Sul (V in. to N. NS.), Temple Complexes Podg Ein-before-Yar, Botatung Paj, Mach-Visaya-Paja (1980 g.), Seam-puin-paradise, Caba Aye-Paj ("Pagoda of the Universal Mira", Built in the mid 50s of the twentieth century. In commemoration of the 2500th anniversary of Buddhism), the little island Pagoda Chauktan, Heng Hawk Kick ("Chinese church"), Saint Mary Cathedral, Sikh Church and "Army church" Salweshn on Tienbia Street, Mauzol Martyrs, National Theater, University, Karapair Palace, Legendary Hotel Strange, Chinese Quarter in "Down tune", Beautiful areas of pagodas and mansions around Lakes Candoga and Inya and T. D.

The National Museum with an extensive historical collection, the famous golden throne of Sihasan-Lyon 8 m high. and the regalia of all Burmese kings, the Military Museum and the Tatmado Museum, built by the British Zoo, Parzundang Park, Belliyk Park and Tanning Metal Market (the largest market of the capital), ancient open market of Bogyok Aung San (Scott-Market) on the street of the same name, as well as famous swimming hotels on the Yangon River (re-equipped under hotels of high-end old vessels).

Around Yangon

In the vicinity of the capital are interesting "River Pagoda" Yel-Paj near Chauktan, Mont-Paul Complex, Swedelo Pagoda ("Great Golden Pagoda", 1930.), Hintha-Gon, Chaik-Pune and the 55-meter Statue of the Lying Buddha (994 g.) in Peg, Pagoda of the Chvemokto and Nettia-Paj in Pattya (pool), Pagoda Pagoda (Big Paj) in Tayokhtai, Bobogue Pagoda Pagoda (Babaji, VII in.) And Bebe-Paj in Khmosa and Chamber Pagoda in the Swedheng. In the vicinity of the city of Prome (Pja), the remains of medieval urban walls, temples and numerous pagodas are preserved, including the famous "Golden Pagoda" Schweavendo, as well as a Hill Gautam with numerous images of Buddha, Paem and Paugery stupas.

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