Morocco City: Tangier

Tangier – a large industrial city, the second after Casablanca, the port city of Morocco and the gate of the country to Europe. Being located on the shores of Gibraltar Strait, just 20 kilometers from the Spanish coast, Tangier at all times had exceptional strategic importance.

In terms of tourist attractions, he is definitely inferior to such ancient cities as Marrakesh, Fez or Meknes, but it is interesting just a peculiar flavor, where the elegant European streets with beautiful colonial buildings of the French era and ancient medina with mosques and madrasa were mixed. The absolute majority of tourists arriving in Morocco are not on the plane, fall into the country of ferry from Spain in Tangier. Courts are sent hourly, the passage costs 32 euros one way, which makes visiting a tantarian easy walk for one day from Spain.

Sights of Tanier

In appearance, this is a typical Mediterranean city: Cascades of flat roofs descend with a hill-topped hill to the very sea. In addition to magnificent beaches and excellent service, one of the main attractions of the city – markets and bazaars. In the very center is located Gran Sokko ("Big Bazaar") where there is a gambling and noisy bargaining, the numerous snake spellsers, trainers, magicians and T.NS. On Thursdays and Sundays there is a large bazaar next to a lined colorful ceramic tiles SID-BU-ABIB mosque (1917). Interesting Antiques market Near Kasba Square as well Weavky market in the depths of the medina and "Smuggler market" in the old building Caravan Saraj.

From the monuments of the city most interesting Big mosque, Church of St. Andrey, Luxury Gardens Mendubia, Snow-white Palace of Dar El Mahzen (1684, now here are located Museum of ancient history and Museum of Moroccan art), Sultanskaya Treasury Bit El-Mal, Palace Sultanov (now – Summer Residence of the King Morocco), Mosque Issau, Kasba Udaia, Gate Kasba, Bab-Fahs, Bab El Ashes and etc., as well as picturesque narrow media streets.

The city has a huge number of museums: Museum of Modern Moroccan Art and Museum of the American Diplomatic Mission In the building of the old US office, Museum of Military Miniature Forbes (about 120 thousand models of soldiers and panoramas of the most famous battles), Museum of Archeology, Museum of ethnography and etc.

Beaches tantier

The neighborhood of the city is one extended resort area: a whole series of secluded bays and small, but very clean sandy beaches stretches from Asil to Tetan.

Around the city

40 kilometers from the tantarian is a town Asila – once a formid fortress, and nowadays one of the elite resort areas of the country. The main attractions of the city – Kasba, Medina and Sheriff Palace Ahmeda-El Rysuni.

The ruins of an ancient city are somewhat east Cott, And with numerous capes and hills around the tantarian, the stunning painting of Gibraltar with a visible far away by the Spanish coast.

Mausi Sparter and Malabata are very popular, Hercules caves, And also hiking and horse excursions for the sorts of mountain range Reef.

Cities Morocco Tangier

Features of the tantarian

For many tourists, a visit to the tantarian can become a serious test due to the large number of beggars, beggars and small crooks, meeting the ferry arriving from Spain. Miscellaneous kind of impostor guides, cunning taxis drivers who wish to take with you Suddoroga for a trip a couple of kilometers, obsessive sellers of souvenirs – they are all waiting for a naive tourist. To avoid chagrins and disappointments, it is best not to join any of them in the negotiations and ignore the entirely and completely.

Reviews and studies of trips

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Cities Morocco Tangier

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