Morocco city: Rabat

Rabat ("Ar-Ribat" – "Fortified monastery") – the capital of Morocco. The main Residence of the Royal Family is located here – Dar Al-Makhzen.

The first settlement on the site of modern slave appeared in the III in. to N.NS. – Shell, turned in a few centuries in the Roman colony of Sala. The first powerful fortress was built here in the second half of the XII in. At the first Sultan Morocco Abd al-Mumin (Almhad Dynasty) as a springboard for attacking Spain. The city reached the city at the grandson ADD al-Mumin Yakuba Al-Mansur, who made the discount capital, instead of Marrakesh. With it (at the end of the XII in.) Powerful Candaker Kasba Udai was built. Since those times, the main portal of the fortress has been preserved, part of the walls, Minaret Hasan, the construction of which was never completed after the death of al-Mansur. Building inside the Citadel mainly refers to the XVI-XVIII centuries. Quarters of the citadel are a labyrinth of narrow and looping among white-blue houses. There are many shops selling traditional clothing, shoes, souvenirs. Bargaining is appropriate and required (you can reset up to 25% of the originally suggested value of the goods).

Directly to the citadel (opposite Esplanada, consisting of Minaret Khasan and the ruins of the Yakuba Al-Mansur mosque) adjoins Mohammed V Mausoleum, in which the tombs of Mohammed V, as well as Hassan II and Prince Abdullah. Mausoleum is a masterpiece of Moorish architecture. Entrance to Mausoleum and Esplanada is guarded by the Guards of the Royal Cavalry Regiment. Visit the Mausoleum and Minaret for free. Changing Karaul every day at 17.00. On Friday, the mausoleum is closed for tourists.

Important! At the Esplanade to tourists pleaded "Guides", which are ready to show the citadel and mausoleum for a very serious fee – do not use their services. As a rule, they say only in Arabic and in French, information over the one that can be read in any guidebook, do not speak.

In the city, a huge number of museums – the Museum of Antiquity, the Museum of Archeology, Mountain Art Museum, Ethnographic Museum (Museum of People’s Crafts) in the building of the end of XVII in., Art Gallery Gate of Babra Ruach ("Gate winds"), Natural History Museum, Original Postal Museum and T. D. And recently opened the first museum of modern art.

On the other side of the river, the buckets of the ancient Sala are located, the main attractions of which are considered a big mosque, madrasa (1333 g.) and the famous pilgrimage site – the Muslim chapel of Sidi-AB-Dallaha Ben Hassuna, surrounded by a labyrinth of narrow streets and covered transitions. 13 km. To the north of Rabat are gardens, broken in 1951. Frenchman M. Francois, where more than 1,500 species of plants from all over the world grows. 9 km. South of the capital spread out an excellent national zoo.

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