Morocco city: Fez

Fez ("pick", "hoe") is a religious and cultural center of the kingdom, as well as its former capital. The Prophet Magomed fled here when a danger threatened him in Mecca, and now it is one of the most famous resort cities of the country, rightly proud of his richest history. Like all Moroccan cities, Fez is divided into two parts – "Old" Fes-El Bali and "New" Fes-El Jedied, where the Summer Palace of the King is located.

Old city is isolated by ancient fortress walls and has about 9400 very narrow streets and alley. On the Palace Square there are the Royal Palace, the building of the former Arsenal (the factory is now working here), the majestic gates of Bab Decken (XIV in.) and many old buildings. The gardens of Bu-Jelud and the gate of Bab-bu-Jelud, Milay-Idris, with the tomb of Idris II, who is considered the founder of the city (IX century, one of the most protected shrines – non-Musulmans and animals are forbidden to even approach her), Madrasa Inania with Kurats XIV in., Mosque Gazlean, Madrasa Attar and Shereratin (1670 g.), Mosque Karauin (IX in., Closed for non-Musulman), which was located the famous University of Fez, one of the oldest in the world, as well as medieval caravansera – "Fondrics" Tswetunin and Nezarin (XVII in.). No less interesting Palace of Dar Bathha (XIX in., Now there is a museum of art and traditions of Fez), Andalus Mosque (IX-XIII centuries.), Jewish quarter Mellach, jewelry market at the gate of Bab-Smarin and T. D.

"New district" Fes El Jedid began to build next to the ancient medina in the XIII in. Here are the most interesting complex Royal Palace Dar El Makhzen with an area of ​​100 hectares, "Quarter Gears" At the gate of the Babi Fluch, whose products are known far beyond the country, as well as a huge "Quarter Kozhevnikov". In the city, the outskirts of which are located almost in the foothills of the Atlas, there is one of the first modern thermal centers of the country, and excursions starting from here in the picturesque surrounding mountain areas are eliminated by tourists.

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